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  1. What happened to daniel's last blog, it was posted the other night about how he gambled a bunch with ivey and some others, losing about 200k after winning a side-bet with hellmuth for 153k. Now that i think about it....He might have removed it because he basically told the world that he won 153k from hellmuth, and he doesnt usually refer to the wins and loses of others specifically. But come on, hellmuth deserves it. Someone confirm for me.
  2. this fool is a straight up stalker!!!
  3. There is no way in hell phil layed anyone 1.8 to 1 that he would win a bracelet, that is insane.
  4. Its on pokerroad.com. Its the "life of ivey" show under pokerTV. Sorry i'm too lazy to give you the direct link.
  5. I dont think you are correct... Doyle layed phil something like 5-1 that he would not win a bracelet. I am sure some bets were made in the context you mentioned, but i'd say the majority i heard about were not.And to PrtyPsuX:Although i did see that clip of Ivey arguing with Andy Bloch, I dont think this wsop europe clause would fly with the likes of brunson, reese, and greenstein on the other end of the bet. Maybe with a youngster like andy, Phil can use his lack of clarification on the bet to his advantage, but when doyle laid him 5-1 that we would not win a bracelet, I am quite sure doyle
  6. I thought there would have been a thread about this by now... But how much do you guys think ivey's bracelet bet losses total this year? As much effort he was putting in as well as how much pressure he was feeling towards the end of the series makes me think its upwards of 5 million... and possibly as hi as 10 million. What do you guys think?P.S. Now that i think about it 5-10 millions seems like a lot of money, i don't know if he could get action that big from guys in the poker world. After some thought, I'd put the over/under of his bracelet bet losses to about 1.5. And i'd probably take th
  7. These three posts, particularly the latter two, are genius!
  8. Are you really looking to "price-out" draws? I didnt read your previous post as such. My intention of check raising in this spot is not to limit the field, it is to increase the size of the pot, in turn increasing the size of my wins. And the way you describe a check raise makes me assume you are playing in very tight games. In my experience, with average action to the flop (3-5 players), the flop will be checked about 1/10 of the time. Hardly the "everything else works" you described. I like simply betting out in this spot as well, and i use it frequently, yet i think you gain more informati
  9. We are on the same page here, I feel like your giving up too much value to not be putting money in on that flop all together. Not to mention the lack of info your going to have on the turn. I'm still looking for a rebuttle from the original guy who posted about keeping the pot small in order to limit those longshot draws, gut-shot, bd flush, etc... I just dont see how it makes up for the lost value, as well as other factors we both have noted.
  10. got it on stars through moneygram.... Thanks for the help
  11. At first glance i thought to myself "why wouldn't you check raise that flop"... But your response to actuary's post is very interesting.... Do you think keeping the pot small greatly increases your chances of winning by way of less callers?... It seems like that would have to be a pretty significant margin because your potentially giving up a number of bets by not keeping those drawing hands around. I understand you will get beat a larger percentage of the time, but i am not 100 percent sure that negates the size of the pots you would win. On to the actual play of the hand... I would think w
  12. My mastercard just got rejected at stars... Is there any other method i can use here in the states to get money online. Any other site that will work for me? Thanks for any help.
  13. haha... i just realized my username. Ahh the irony...I am in the states, does that lengthen the process to some extent?I'm really just bored and i dont feel like driving an hour to the BandM i usually play at.
  14. So basically i'm lookin to put some money online, whats the turnaround on getting an account up and running, how long before i'm playing. Limit hold'em is my specialty and am looking to play pretty small stakes starting out. Any advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  15. why do you raise preflop with 77 in a 15-30 game?
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