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  1. I'll take GB -3 for $60I can only ship/receive on Stars though
  2. I'll book these but I can only ship/receive on Stars
  3. I'll do $30. Can only ship/ receive on stars though
  4. I want the Patriots for up to $30Can only ship/receive on stars
  5. I'll take GB-3 for $25I can only pay on Stars though
  6. Im really sorry. I just shipped the money. I've been working 15 hour days all week and completely forgot about everything
  7. I want NYG +5 for up to $25.I can only ship and receive on stars
  8. Detroit +6.5Cincinnati + 5.5Indianapolis -1.5Green Bay -3Baltimore +2for up to $20 eachedit: Can only pay/receive on stars
  9. Booked. Sorry for the late reply, out of the house and posting from my phone
  10. I want NO -4.5 for up to $25, but take CrookedLink's action first
  11. If you guys ever do this on a Friday/Saturday I would probably try to grind the 24 hours with you guys on skype. Not too sure about going with the bet because I already know that I'll pass out at my comp.
  12. wutwut00 on Stars or FTP Shipped on FTP Shipped
  13. Without a read I don't see how we can ever fold. This board really isn't that bad.I hate raising this preflop as others have mentioned. I also bet more on the turn. A bunch of clubs are calling anyways so we might as well get some more value.In game I think I usually bet the river, though c/c could easily be better
  14. Getting back into SNGs again. Currently 10tabling $6.50s on Stars. Anybody want to get together over Skype/Teamviewer to do sweat sessions or ICM studying?
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