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  1. If you want to read about sick heaters, read the BBV forum on 2+2, that **** is priceless.Jeff
  2. If those chicks are hot, then Liza Minely(sp?) is a fcking bombshell!!!!Jeff
  3. They fcked up the structure hardcore of this tourney and are proly dealing with all of the negative feedback from players who played in this tourney.Jeff
  4. He can, but he just plays a limited schedule. He is a lil older than most and has other business interests besides poker.Jeff
  5. I dk if you guys ever listened to her guest spot on the Circuit but she was made at herself for not making a call with 4th pair when she knew the guy was bluffing. Shes kind of a lil bit nuts at the table and goes with feel, which may not always be right, but she is still a good player, better than me for sure.Jeff
  6. I used to play on PokerWorld, which is part of The Greek Network, which is also on the new FCP Network or whatever, and there bets were always double on the turn as well. Guess its just a logical combination for all of the customers involved.Jeff
  7. Actually, you should probably have a BR of 1k or so to play that game, so not completely beginner. Its not a bad way to make money online for a casual player but there is still also good money to be made. As for a beginner game, I would say .10NL would be more along the lines of what you meant.Jeff
  8. Ok well we know you folded because of the title, and I am not sure what to tell you. If he peels with K high than having a 6 in his hand PF is not as unlikely as other players. Id fold and wait for a better spot.Jeff
  9. The only person I have ever heard of is the Jared Patalecki guy, but thats only because my ex was in love with him, celebrity crush or whatever. Besides him, I recognize no one. Jamie Gold is the ULTIMATE "A" list aget, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Jeff
  10. There is a site called Poker World that runs on same platform, it used to be part of Poker Host, whatever network that was.Jeff
  11. I am pretty sure Stars has all on ONE pro that plays in the big game or plays that high while playing cash games and thats Barry. So will they get play, IMO, no.Jeff
  12. So I took the 25$ I won from Tommy last night in the fun prop bet and won a SNG with it and I am now going to play this tourney. So in advnace I would like to thank him for helping me build my roll by... well whatever first is for this tournament, lol.Jeff
  13. +1, although I have been to Vegas unlike Ice. It is feasable, fmlycar can vouch for random nights like this and hes my room mate so I KNOW they are feasable.Jeff
  14. Ouch, good Iso attempt, BB wakes up with KK, BOOOOOO!!! Good night, fun times, KappaKid83 25$ FTP, lolz.Jeff
  15. 25 on FTP, KappaKid83, but take it down because I have the 100 waiting for ya.Jeff
  16. Keep it up on UB, seems to me no one respects your raises and they all just push on you, which is gay. I have the 100 ready to send to you on FTP so take it down sir.JeffP.S. Im a ****, as I was typing he busted, blah
  17. 2nd on UB, OneRoundEyeStill in FTP, BlackMetalHeadJeff
  18. Anyone else besides me have all of the tourney lobbies up, lol.Jeff
  19. +1 on me playing well tonight as well, have made 2 buyins playing 1/2 in about an hour, so I also have my bet money won, lolz.Jeff
  20. As much as I dont want you to win one, I do for sure want you to represent FCP to the fullest, so GLGL sir and may you prove me wrong for the rest of the night.Jeff
  21. Yes a link would be great and wait did you win already???Jeff
  22. Im in, sorry went to dinner with some friends.Jeff
  23. Ill take it 1:4 for 25 as well. But I have some stipulations: All tournaments must start before Midnight Eastern and either be a rebuy of $20 or more or a freezeout of $100 and the fields must be a minimum of 250 players. Sound fair enough???Jeff
  24. Agreed, thats why you have a desktop AND a laptop, duh.Jeff
  25. Sam Hard8 your post is highly disturbing(shutters). Blah, please do not post that again, (shutters again).Jeff
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