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  1. I was in Vegas in December and played at the Venetian alot. I liked it the best in the rooms I tried. It was well run and the game was pretty good. I only played cash 1-2 but they have a pretty good tourney schedule too.
  2. I'm in vegas dec 7-14th and have tickets to the Real deal to see Daniel and Doyle on the 9th. Looks like a fun show
  3. I love check raising over aggressive donks.... I must be an unsportsman like prick...but it's soooo much fun
  4. Tried the 10+1's and i'm 5/5... I'm liking these now, just play tight and coast to the money.
  5. I'm interested in home game or casino depending on stakes. I usually play 1/2 at Casino Niagara. Highest bidder can have my futon for the weekend
  6. anyone still left..i'm short stacked with 207 left
  7. out in 28th..gl to who's left
  8. Not taken negitive. I'm fairly new to cash play and it's a good bit different then MTT play. I'll take all the advise i can get.Why 7 on KK and 12 on QQ... I opened the betting with the 7 while with the QQ there was a few limpers already in and wanted to isolate it down.Buy in short? $100 is the max buy inand the KQ logic was based purely on pot odds and the hands i had seen these people make plays with already 6:1 on my money sounded good at the time
  9. A Friend at work kept bugging me to come play live with him, but I don’t think of myself as a cash player. Online I play mainly S”n”G’s and MTT’s. My few journeys into the cash ring haven’t been that great. Finally I gave in and said I’d go and give it a try. Seeing that I only live 3 mins from Casino Niagara it’s surprising I haven’t gone before. So I head down planning on trying to get the feel for the live game. I’m planning a Vegas trip in the fall so I figure this will be good practise. So I headed down last week. Got there and a seat opened quickly at 1-2nl and bought in for $100. The da
  10. on life support with 22,000 at the 3rd break
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