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  1. Woo 2-0! Might be the highest in the standings we get all year. Yea, those people are idiots who threw all the stuff last night. They are the people who just go for the opener to get drunk and never come back for the rest of the year. The Rogers Centre already got busted during the WBC for over serving and serving minors. Surprised they didn't get busted again.
  2. Well that was a fun game! Lind with 6 RBI's and a HR and Snider with a double, HR. Even if the season turns out bad, it'll be fun to watch our younger guys.
  3. I have a Timex Ironman Triathlon. It can measure my heart rate and remember lap times.
  4. lol, yea I lucked out quite a bit there, beginners luck First place paid out a nice 640
  5. Yea, I realized that, oooh wow, while typing this out I just realized why I lost a couple of those hands haha woops, I had A 2 3 6 7, and the other guy had A 2 4 5 6, and he won because his low only went to 6 right? For some reason I wasn't thinkin of that at the time and it wasn't until now that I realized it. I kinda feel bad for winning it without knowing how to play, but the cash sure is nice!
  6. WEEEEEEEEE!!! I thought I played horribly heads up, and I still don't get some of the scoring in Razz, as it doesn't work the same way as Omaha HI/LO heh!The best part about this, was it was a misclick on a 26 dollar token, didn't read razz and though it was NLHE!! Man that was fun, tough luck to the other guy though, I Thought he out played me there! Thanks for the support :D :D :) :icon_dance:
  7. Hmm fun heads-up, cant make any leeway on this guy though, he is schooling me!
  8. If I completely brutalize Razz, I apologize! And I read your shorthanded warning just a bit too late, though I still got the 2-1 lead, so hopefully I can TID!
  9. Lately the Jays have been impressive, pitching has been great and maybe? the offense will spark and we can compete for the wild card, though Halladay looks shakey this last while.
  10. So this was a pure misclick, first time playing Razz, used my 26 token wisely it seems, must be this FCP shirt I Got in the mail for guessing Dan's rebuy!!1/9 people so far, wish me luck!
  11. Coool, I like free T-Shirts though tough luck Daniel, sucks to see you get bad beats, but it seems your playin pretty well so hopefully cards will come your way, for the main event!
  12. Great game today after last nights blunder. Ohka was strong and so was our offense (thanks alot to walks) lets win it tomorrow with doc!
  13. It was a pretty good blog. I think it could use a little less profanity as humor though, as I don't find swearing to really add or be funny. But overall good!(Jays up 6-0 vs yanks wohoo! )
  14. Can't wait to see Hughes blasted tonight by our lineup!
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