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  1. Just booked my trip this morning. Going at the end of November. I am pumped
  2. AJadsfnidsonjisdakfnForgot to register for the Turbo Takedown.Didnt realize how tired I am, unregistered for everything at the moment, gonna take a nap, then see how I feel about the rest of the day
  3. In the 750k for three dollars. In some other stuff as well, GL all
  4. Including the Trump in AC? Worst run card room on this planet.Great read as always
  5. Not in. Gonna sit by a pool and drink beer instead
  6. 15,075 at the second break of the Warmup
  7. 9,575 at the first break of the Warmup
  8. Won a satellite into the Million, but thinking of playing the Warm Up instead.
  9. In a bunch of small stuff
  10. Playing three MTT's that start around noon, then going to eat wings, drink beer, and watch the last football game for 7 months
  11. In a bunch of small stuff.Im a bankroll nit
  12. Venetian noon or Caesars nightly
  13. Sundays are fun, for every oneExcept meFull Tilt No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 20/40 Blinds (9 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comsaw flop | saw showdownBB (t3160)Hero (UTG) (t4660)UTG+1 (t3380)MP1 (t2925)MP2 (t6075)MP3 (t2970)CO (t2770)Button (t2910)SB (t2920)Hero's M: 77.67Preflop: Hero is UTG with 5 , 5 :club:Hero calls t40, 2 folds, MP2 bets t120, 4 folds, BB calls t80, Hero calls t80Flop: (t380) 5 , J , 9 (3 players)BB checks, Hero checks, MP2 bets t165, BB calls t165, Hero raises to t400, MP2 calls t235, BB calls t235Turn: (t1580) 9 (3 players)BB checks, Hero bets t1
  14. Out of the 750k. I played pretty bad
  15. 3,725 at the first break of the 750k
  16. SighFull Tilt Poker Game #16585259515: $19,500 Guarantee (122774341), Table 77 - 600/1200 Ante 150 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:27:37 ET - 2009/12/06Seat 1: Pack149 (40,188)Seat 2: renaissance74 (41,719)Seat 3: BuRnZy34 (8,164)Seat 4: brasim (22,587)Seat 5: Jeebus1 (33,069)Seat 6: dacersoll (103,822)Seat 7: Waschtl30 (9,733)Seat 8: SarBearGRR (21,848)Seat 9: alizabava (54,322)Pack149 antes 150renaissance74 antes 150BuRnZy34 antes 150brasim antes 150Jeebus1 antes 150dacersoll antes 150Waschtl30 antes 150SarBearGRR antes 150alizabava antes 150alizabava posts the small blind of 600Pack149 posts the bi
  17. In the 750k. Maybe a couple of other things. Lets win something
  18. Lame. 103rdFull Tilt Poker Game #16413573231: $750,000 Guarantee (117202338), Table 164 - 2000/4000 Ante 500 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:04:01 ET - 2009/11/30Seat 1: Amen Corner2 (26,744)Seat 2: Aaron_Hacker (354,007)Seat 3: Pack149 (68,214)Seat 4: The_Dean221 (53,840)Seat 5: Time of Death (66,720)Seat 6: miserd00d (74,834)Seat 7: Ker666 (78,061)Seat 8: dreamofsuccess (102,818)Seat 9: Viktor Son (225,084)Amen Corner2 antes 500Aaron_Hacker antes 500Pack149 antes 500The_Dean221 antes 500Time of Death antes 500miserd00d antes 500Ker666 antes 500dreamofsuccess antes 500Viktor Son antes 500Aaron_Hacker
  19. 69,214 at the sixth break of the 750k. Need a double or two soon
  20. 50,882 at the fifth break of the 750k. Not many good spots this past hour, and doubled up a short stack.
  21. 62,529 on the fourth break of the 750k
  22. For a very large stack. Caught Amit with the three barrel bluff for his whole stackFull Tilt Poker Game #16410549284: $750,000 Guarantee (117202338), Table 35 - 300/600 Ante 75 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:35:06 ET - 2009/11/29Seat 1: LuigiCorleone (8,731)Seat 2: wildjoker321 (10,160)Seat 3: Northshore148 (11,835)Seat 4: Salamari (18,536)Seat 5: Mandy B (10,672)Seat 6: JaEs SiK (21,235)Seat 7: amak316 (33,678)Seat 8: doggy85 (20,796)Seat 9: Pack149 (29,099)LuigiCorleone antes 75wildjoker321 antes 75Northshore148 antes 75Salamari antes 75Mandy B antes 75JaEs SiK antes 75amak316 antes 75doggy85 antes
  23. 23,547 at the third break of the 750k
  24. Hated the turn. Loved the river. Here is run good for the rest of the thread. Full Tilt Poker Game #16409300407: $750,000 Guarantee (117202338), Table 35 - 170/340 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:41:40 ET - 2009/11/29Seat 1: extassyman (5,562)Seat 2: ArtOfSunTzu (11,915)Seat 3: gourgaz (4,906)Seat 4: Doesburg (5,704)Seat 5: Mandy B (14,685)Seat 6: govshark2 (3,274)Seat 7: amak316 (7,851)Seat 8: xenute (5,227)Seat 9: Pack149 (9,726)extassyman antes 25ArtOfSunTzu antes 25gourgaz antes 25Doesburg antes 25Mandy B antes 25govshark2 antes 25amak316 antes 25xenute antes 25Pack149 antes 25xenute posts
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