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  1. repop preflop to $100, call a push, or if he calls, push or call a push most boards short of AKx
  2. jam? whats the alternative, try to control the pot size in case he is set over set or has 47? bad beat, move on
  3. looks like AJ to me due to the flop action...the best you can hope for is a split if you call. i would prob either call and then pot turn, fold to raise or raise flop and lead turn big depending on read....line 1 for tight player, line 2 for loose. anyway either way i'm folding river on your line, its either a stone bluff or your screwed. MP with weak ace, which im assuming your hoping for would prob check river.
  4. STFU Negraneu. You have to be kidding me. terrorists=votefortheworst? That's like when Bruno compares Paris Hilton's fashion mistakes as "train to Auchawitz". Would American Idol be fun if the the american public didn't have a say it what the results of the contest would be, regardless of the outcome? If anybody would be a freedom of speech advocate who is generally cynical of big media......huge disappointment
  5. I don't have the hand history or a converter. UB, $5+50, 300 players, down to 3, pays 170, 230, 380 or soHero : 85kVil 1: 100kVil 2: 130kHero: 8c8sBlinds: 5000/2500 300 anteHero (Button); Raise 2x to 10000 (standard raise at this point)SB Vil 1: FoldBB Vil 2: CallPot: 24kFlop: Jh5c4sBB bets 10k, Hero calls 10kPot: 44kTurn: 8sBB check, Hero checkRiver: AdBB check, Hero bets 21k, BB minraises to 42kBB is best player in tourney, loose, solid, has picked up a lot of small pots on the flop with small bets to chip up, but has made good decisions to avoid big pots where he is behind. Has defended his
  6. Sorry, I worded it wrong. I was the BB and and raised 400 more on top of the 200 BB in to 600, so I technically had 1800 minus the BB. The SB limped originally and then reraised to the 1000. I don't understand why that raise is bad, i wanted fold equity and that was the cheapest I was going to get a fold. I think DantheMan understands the situation. The only thing I have against a preflop all in is that I could be trapped by the five hands I particulary don't want to see and, at least by raising I can make a more informed decision of what he has depending on his response to my raise. If he cal
  7. Hand from tonight9000 chips in playMy table image is LAG, stealing lots of blinds, particularly BB/SB situations. Typically raising 4x with A rag, K face/10/9 against SB BB. SB is somewhat TAG, he hasn't raised yet in the SB. 9000 chips in play, 9 person live tourney, 4 handedTourney pays 6/1, 1st/2ndPlayer 1: 3200Player 2: 1200 SB: 2000Hero: 1600Hand:Blinds (100/200)UTG (p1) foldsButton (p2) foldsSB completes to 200Hero (KQs) raises 400 to 600BB raises to 1000??????I think there's a good argument for fold, call, push, especially given all my blind raising, chip stack, and pay out. Thoughts?
  8. I saw this on T.V tonight? Whats wrong with this hand?Rafe Furst Wins the $1,500 Pot Limit Event ($345,984)After flop of 10heart8spade4heart, Rocky Enciso bets $80,000 and Rafe Furst raises $80,000. Enciso calls and the turn is the 10spade. Enciso bets the pot of $400,000, leaving himself $12,000 behind. Furst puts him all in and Enciso calls. Enciso shows Jheart4spade but Furst turns over 8diamond4diamond for a better two pair. The river is the 2diamond and Rocky Enciso has been eliminated in 2nd place, earning $180,508.Rafe Furst wins his first bracelet and $345,984. Doesn't J101044 bea
  9. trystero, he limped MP with 10/10 anyway, and it was a tight table, so a shady MP big PP limp def. was a possibilty, and given the context of the betting, pretty likely
  10. Guy had 1010, i suppose i'm masking a bad beat story, but upon further reconsideration, i don't think a lay down would be that bad, especially since his only viable range would be jj-aa and the case 4. I guess a complete donk with a bare ten would do it, but the guy seemed relatively solid.
  11. $100 NL (.5/1)Hero and Villain both have $100Hero: KsKc, Villain limps MP, I raise to $3 one off cutoff, SB and BB fold, Villain calls $3 ($8.50 in the pot)Flop: 4s 10d 4cVillian checks, Hero bets $4, Villian calls ($17.50)Turn: 4hHero bets $10, Villian raises to $40. Pot is 77.50, I have about $80 leftNow what?
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