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  1. Yeah, that's right up my alley. At least, for her sake, her face isn't involved. Although I'm guessing the good folks at reddit have photoshopped her face on there perfectly. Perfectly. Yup, I bet that's happened. Do you...know...if that's happened?
  2. Moved in on Saturday. The apartment is great, but the girlfriend wanted to paint the non-brick walls (that was probably an unnecessary qualifier...I wonder if I just wanted you guys to know we have some sweet exposed brick), so we held off on unpacking and started the painting process on Sunday. This somehow took us until yesterday to finish. There are three rooms. Also the fridge is still in the living room, our few IKEA things are half assembled because I refused to do it last night after a long day of getting shit done so the girlfriend gave it a shot after going to a happy hour with a
  3. Nice. There's basically zero chance that this is the case. NC is someone, I guess it just doesn't matter who(m).
  4. That might be my favorite cracked article ever. My girlfriend had to come into the living room to ask what I was laughing so hard at: ... to "Relaxing Casually Just Like One of You Hu-mans (HAHA, One of US Hu-mans I Mean)" .. I also lost it to the spaghetti song.
  5. That's not pizza. I'll check it out, thanks. I usually like stuff like that.
  6. Well that's clearly out the window. How old is the son and how much do you already hate him? I don't understand, was there an invisible human cannon on top of his car? I'd take the first, hands down. It kind of goes with the way I prefer to live anyway...fluctuation between starvation and eating whatever I want. The possibility of everything being incredibly good is absolutely worth having to eat half as much. Or get a little fat. But all you'd have to do is eat healthy most of the time, since it would still be delicious. I think having it taste amazing alread
  7. This misses the best part, when Victorino realizes what happened and reacts. I also like it better with sound. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1649829-red-sox-pitcher-koji-uehara-nearly-killed-shane-victorino-with-a-high-five
  8. I'm sure he'd claim the quality went way down either right before or right after the move. And say something ridiculously smug (and almost certainly incorrect) about hops. One of my friends actually calls me Number One when I have the beard. Yes, he means Riker.
  9. This brought back some fond memories for me. Not just of the broadcast, of my poker playing days. http://www.grantland...d-39-25-million Edit: I'm bad with links. It's an oral history of the 2003 (Moneymaker) WSOP Main Event.
  10. There are a ton of people out there that actively love beards. When I had one, I got compliments all the time. Even my own mother, who I'd have thought would hate it on me, said that I looked more doctorly. When you have a good beard, the world is your oyster. And for anyone with low confidence, it can almost work like a mask in that it hides some of the self-consciousness.
  11. The strategy being assuming Wang's identity and writing style? Edit: That came off weird...I'm actually asking, not being sarcastic. Everyone's a good looking smart dude on the internet though. This actually works as a combination of most and best.
  12. Yeah, but he's a functional __________. Not just straight up functional. That would most definitely be something. You did who to my what now?
  13. That seems pretty clear to me. Really? That sounds great.
  14. I don't know, it seems like she's been clear with him in terms of what she won't do (sex or anything close to it). Other than that, she seems to want to be a couple, and it's up to him if he wants to get on board with that plan or end it.
  15. I priced the pots and pans too low at our yard sale. It's really keeping me up nights.
  16. Meh, if anything I'd think it would set his mind at ease. It's not that she doesn't want his dick inside of her, it's that she doesn't want any dick inside of her.
  17. I think it's just something to talk about for us...he actually has to live it. I'm sorry for your mother's loss in approximately 10 years due to hemangiosarcoma or lymphoma. Yeah, but since when does that matter? Your taste, Ron. It's awful! You say "accused" like it's not a huge compliment. This is all quite strange. I think she really might have some actual issues to work through and it might not have much to do with you personally.
  18. Honestly though, left turns are a pain in the ass.
  19. What the hell trashy rom-coms have you been watching?
  20. Oh, well that clears it up. You're just friends, I guess it's best to leave it at that and move on to trying to find another girl who will be more than that with you.
  21. You could still provide a link. Essay, what do you think she'd do if you started making out with her and just kept moving striaght through to el sexo without any discussion? Would she stop you at any point?
  22. Well that's the most egregious rule breaking I've ever seen.
  23. 1-5. He's getting laid. 100-1. And I don't even know why it would be a possibility, but I have trouble keeping up with that kind of thing. I bet if Whiskers was still alive he'd be excited about this: http://www.delish.com/food/recalls-reviews/simpsons-theme-park
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