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  1. If it were my picnic, I'd have sunny and playful but laidback (maybe also food-related) songs -- but tbh it depends on the menu! If it's mostly finger foods with soda/beer: M.O.N.T. - Boom Bang, Sungjae - Chicken, Soyeon - Idle Song; Jelly, Starry Nightt Music - Pizza Day https://printsbery.com/cards/thank-you
  2. definitely been on a bit of a Neil Young kick myself.. also Red Hot + Fela with a bunch of indie rockers (MMJ, tUnE-yArDs, Alabama Shakes et al) covering Fela Kuti songs is killer. I have listened to this on repeat many time in last few weeks.
  3. My fav so far is Unlocked by Denzel Curry. Haven’t had the chance to listen to A written testimony but I’m very excited with what I’ve been. Hearing. My second favorite is Circles by Mac Miller https://printsbery.com/planner-templates/daily-schedule
  4. Rewatched Father of the Bride Part II Last Night Because My wife had never seen It... And that’s a top-level mid-90s kitchen from Nancy. Need a patreon exclusive with Romilly’s thoughts on it now! printsbery
  5. Yeeesss! BTBAM is my favorite band, Trivium, Mastodon, Metallica, Megadeth are in my top echelon. I've been listening to a lot of more tech stuff this last year. Right now - The Zenith Passage "Deus Deceptor
  6. Watched Moonrise Kingdom (2012) for the first time ever last week and was absolutely blown away. Tremendous film, easily makes my top 5. When I finished, I immediately started it over and watched it a second time. Other movies I saw: Ford v Ferrari Knives Out
  7. I've only just recently discovered the Dua Caro...I wish I could find more of his work...I love it. https://onplanners.com/invitations/wedding-suite
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