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  1. bump. when i made post #52 last year someone gave me some contact info (a name and email address i think) for rab's mom who had some affiliation with a library, i think she was on some board there. can anyone find that or any other contact info for one of his parents? it recently dawned on me how many scumbags owe me money and i am doing my damndest to reclaim all my debts. is he still active here?
  2. that's part of the excitement, dear looshious!
  3. i will pay someone $200 if they can get looshle to call rab's dad$300 if we get a recording of it
  4. fwiw, grindermj isn't kidding, most of the my time spent talking with my horses revolves around getting better, plugging leaks, pointing out mistakes, etc. if a horse wins something there isn't much more for me to say but "weeeee" a couple times and the standard "gg, wp, no one had a chance vs you, etc" whereas when they make a mistake, i can go on about it for easily 15 minutes+ about how bad it is and why it's so bad and what they should have done instead and how maybe they should watch more videos or post more on 2+2 to lessen the likelihood of such mistakes in the future (i'm sure they can
  5. i'm pretty curious to hear the thoughts of everyone who has replied to this thread... am i being unreasonable? do i have a right to demand that he pay back half the stake he gamboled away? who agrees with rab that he does not owe me anything?it's so interesting that apparently he has told some people he never owed me the money and was never going to pay me, since he fully agreed he owed me at least some of the money he lost, agreed to pay me several times, and even went so far as to set up a payment plan so he didn't have to send too much money on any given month.
  6. maybe a year ago i used to talk to rab somewhat regularly on aim, and as anyone here who talks to him regularly can vouch for, he didn't have much going on for himself despite spending an insane amount of time on poker forums and around poker players in general. i was having decent success at the time and decided to offer him a staking deal to play low limit cash games under me and hopefully make something of himself/build a roll/learn the game at a higher level/etc etc. this happened a long time ago so i don't exactly remember the stipulations but it was something like i sent him 2k to play 2
  7. rab can you please send me the $950 you owe me or at the very least IM me so we can talk about you paying me back?
  8. what? as i just said, if someone says something i disagree with, i will call them out and argue with them all day about it, as i have displayed endless times on this forum. however, nothing like this ever happens at any other forum i frequent, so why exactly i come here is quite a condiddilyundrum
  9. you realize tommy and i are good friends right? we've had this conversation before, while tommy is much more chill and willing to let things die to avoid confrontation, i will never back down from anything and start confrontations all day long when someone says something i disagree with. no big deal, two different people, but i don't really see what your point is.
  10. also renaedawn, i'd love for you to repost your question about life tilt, i think it's hilarious that you find it such a serious term... i probably use the term life tilt about 2x a day about all manners of things, but i guess you can go back to telling me how i need to lighten up and relax
  11. i guess this is the essence of fcp... alot of the regulars who have been posting in this thread are here to be a part of the community and shoot the shit and possibly fall in love with a dude, not so much to study and improve at poker. to each his own.
  12. actually, i'm pretty sure the $5 player would tell him to suck a dick too, and if you don't believe me, i can probably find about 50 bbv posts that illustrate this very exchange
  13. please, please, please do not elaborate, seriously
  14. fwiw, this will hopefully be my last post in this thread and on this forum. i have absolutely no clue why i've maintained an account here for so long, but it is clear there is a very significant portion of this forum that strongly dislikes me and will constantly be saying thing to me trying to create 10 page threads like this, and the one before it, and so on. i asked bob to lock/delete this thread and to lock/ban my account. as so many people have pointed out to me, FCP provides absolutely no value to me and there isn't really any point in continuing to be a part of this community with so muc
  15. why do you assume it's a black and white thing? i don't think i would play poker if there was no monetary reward, but at the same time, i would never do something just to make money, i have to enjoy doing it and derive some utility from it. how about you just think about the "money" in terms of buyins - that beat cost me about 100 buyins, which is a gigantic # relative to anyone's bankroll, regardless of whether you're playing $5 or $500 tourneys.
  16. uh, but as everyone here points out, i don't spend any time here anymore. everyone who is familiar with the place i spend time (thepokerhaus) or were friends with me or have dealt with me here extensively (pmjackson, jordan, etc) seems to think my personality, while not perfect, is reasonable enough to be friends with. you're absolutely right it makes no sense for me to care about what a site of people think of me when no one on the site knows me and the ones who do will back me up, but for the life of me i can't figure out why these people who don't know me at all constantly insult and questi
  17. if i'm right, doesn't that by definition make the people who are calling me names and insulting me wrong?
  18. my point is that everything evens out over time... you can say "oh i ran bad for the first 8 months of the year" or "oh i ran sick for the month of september" but the fact is it all evens out over time. you have spent a lot of time in this thread complaining that i got lucky so many times in this tourney and that i remember everytime i get unlucky but forget when i get lucky and all this nonsense, but if you just stopped thinking about luck and just focused on the quality of the decisions you were making, you might move up in limits significantly faster than you are currently progressing.
  19. uh yea that's the basic jist of my argument earlier in the thread... i can't figure out why someonee would open a thread titled "bkice 1/4 in sunday mulligan" if they didn't want to read about me finishing in the top 4 in the sunday mulligan... why would you open the thread and then start complaining that a dude is bitching about bad beats? did you click on this thread expecting some top quality political debate or maybe a roundup of this week in the nfl? seriously?
  20. narcisstic? ego driven? why do you people who don't know me at all keep insisting on insulting me and questioning my character? and also, AK vs A7 is almost a 98/2 situation, nice post IQcrash.i mean, it might never stop, but i'm pretty sure i'll never be cool with sitting here and reading people who have no clue what they're talking about insult and denigrate my character.
  21. uh, what? dude this has been my title for like 6 months
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