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  1. here we go agianMrPristine is my handle
  2. im done good luck gator it was a pretty one too, PokerStars Game #3938169134: Tournament #19225081, Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (300/600) - 2006/02/11 - 16:27:42 (ET)Table '19225081 170' Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: HTOWNTILT (20419 in chips) Seat 2: MrPristine (5534 in chips) Seat 3: JAMESON GOLD (10572 in chips) Seat 4: tomali (16210 in chips) Seat 5: melker (22350 in chips) Seat 6: Russell99 (7115 in chips) Seat 7: Jlacroix19 (6409 in chips) Seat 8: Oi Frango (26145 in chips) Seat 9: jenniduke (80356 in chips) HTOWNTILT: posts the ante 50MrPristine: posts the ante 50JAMESON GOLD: posts the
  3. good luck still a loooong way to go for you my friend
  4. im strugglin made a bad call with 1010 agaisnt aa lol 5k left all i need is a miracle
  5. imm still in there 10 k about to fall asleep if i dont catch a hand, that or bluff atleast
  6. good run bizz you were getting garbage and were making good laydowns gl buddy
  7. still havent had big pair :evil: sometimes i find your better off not though
  8. lol i have the same problem i can dodge 15 outers like no ones bussiness but 2 or 3 forget about it
  9. Post the HH.its not worth strainging your eyes... late position shortstack all in for about 2g's me in my big blind i call 99 heads up
  10. HEHE no just a fairly big pot 99 isnt worth your whole tournament right now
  11. ouch ouch 99 lose to 77 sorry i know you dont care need to steam
  12. lol im going to manage to have to take a shower in the next ten hours
  13. 7900 sweet only like 10 hours to go...
  14. i have faith in this thread it just needs time
  15. im in...oops i made a thread about this gl too every1 playing. unless your in a hand with me... my handle is MrPristine
  16. its very hard for me to decide if the odds are really really good on aces ill take em but you can never under estimate a good breast
  17. LOL you must hate your girlfriend or be broke.... who the hell does that to their girlfriend???? anyone else ok fine but you girlfriend????lol
  18. HAHAHA This thread is a hootWhen you have a full pack of smokes and a friend asks you for one... Well first off,KNOWING that i know that HE knows that i have a full pack and being the shark you are, you say no because you know he probably is sitting on a pack with atleast 2 smokes mininum! and probably trying to hit a cheap flop. Then your friend turns to you and says "ohhh your rerasing me ...nice bet" and proceeds to pull out one of his last few smokes this actually happened
  19. Do you know what the stucture is going to be like? i heard the blinds go up every 15 minutes?? if that is the case i dont think ill play better off doing something online in my opinion .
  20. im in aswell good luck boys ill be waiting at the final table...lol
  21. Ill be there, yeah last nights tournout wasnt all that great. Who won anyways?....im sure its posted around here somwhere...Good luck to every1 tonight
  22. yeah ill be there my first tourny on fcp what are the blind levels 12?15?Im feelin good tonight i smell a final table
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