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  1. This is basically in reference to DNs video blog and the new WSOP rule etc. When DN says going down the 'respectable' route of everyone wearing suit and ties I think he is basically referencing Mike Sexton's blog post - http://www.partypoker.com/blog/general/poker-pros-wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee.htmlI think DN and MS's feelings are both similar at the core, they just differ in what direction they should change. The worst thing for poker tournament tv tables is to have quiet, unimaginative, boring people, wearing hoodies, sunglasses and ipods. I'm sure both MS and DN would agree with this. DN
  2. since LHE is so mathematical and close to solved, playing a total specialist has to be close to the -EVness of playing something like roulette. there's basically no way any extra creativity or 'experience' can help someone who hasn't put in the hours against someone who has studied the game and literally knows it inside and out
  3. and also, on the two aces vs 4 random card thing, I'm pretty sure two aces against three random cards is a dog if playing hold em rules (ie you can use any combination of cards from hold card and board). If omaha rules (must use two hold cards), it's obviously different
  4. Meh, why not...Ballpark figure on how many (different) women have you slept with. If you're too shy to reveal, single, double or treble digit number?
  5. Antonius played on FCP back in the day but he was not DreamClown
  6. "may sound a little harsh to some of you, but I don't want to sugarcoat it. The kid is in over his head and will burn through the whole wad. It's only a matter of time."
  7. yup, can't help but think this is good news on the whole for online poker
  8. 63000euro = $82378$100k winner? people be trippin
  9. hahaha! score one for the good guys!
  10. I generally agree with the bolded ones. I wouldn't say I'd go out of my way to have them annoy me, but if 49 is not annoying, and 51 is annoying on the annoying scale, all of these would score 51 or over
  11. lol don't believe things u read on whatever 'forums' ur talking about. Jerry was the missing protege, he's since moved to Mexico. his surname is Ivey btw, that's where the confusion is arising from.
  12. it ran out of battery so I couldn't hear it.ty
  13. don't want to derail but said I'd give my 0.02. I think a lot of pros/players today just realise the margins are a lot smaller (maybe they litereally are smaller today, because the edge in games are smaller) and can't afford to give away 4 or 5 percent of a tourney win without thinking. Reasons like bad staff, 'they already take x% anyway' are probably big ones too. Bad staff is personally a big one and I feel that should be the most influential reason for how much people tip. If the dealers are generally good quality and the floor staff are helpful, friendly and (most importantly) competent,
  14. Daniel, I'm very aware about how stupid an idea this actually is. My serious response was this: My last response was sarcastic
  15. Most amount of money you've lost on one single bet (one hand of poker, one golf hole etc)Same question only most you've ever wonMost amount of money you'd flip a coin for given a 1% edge (ie if you flip for a 100k, if you lose, you lose 100k, if you win, you win 101k)Same question except you're given a 10% edge
  16. 10 people wagering $1k each at 10-1 means $10k profit per person. 10 people at $10k profit each = $100k profit. Winning the tournament = $90k profit. coug2828 could be onto something...
  17. 1) it's unethical2) if DN did this, and was found out, his reputation would be damaged. Why? See point 13) it's a -EV gamble when you factor in the possible repercussions of being found out4) it's too much effort for such a small return5) DN probably cares more about actually winning than profiting
  18. I remember reading something in a piece Doyle wrote where he said something to the effect of "sometimes I wish I could be JUST a poker player again. I miss having to play poker for a living". Do you ever feel the same way? I assume what Doyle meant was that he missed having to just focus on playing poker to make a living instead of all the additional burdens/opportunities that now come with being a poker superstar. Do you ever miss the feeling of 'grinding it out' and just being a poker player?I was discussing this the other day on a different forum (it was actually specifically about you and
  19. lol riiiiiiight. good to see they use no common sense in their moderation so.
  20. saw moneyball few months ago, great movie, really liked it.saw project x recently too. absolutely terrible movie. the start is basically just copied from superbad and it totally lacks originality. the movie itself doesn't really have any storyline or depth except for when they try to add in the 'unrequited love of the childhood friend that's a girl angle', which was frankly pretty bad and it would've been better if they just didn't bother and just let the movie be what it was. on a good note, it is worth watching if you want to go party and the soundtrack is pretty good. from an artistic point
  21. what's confusing me is, how is posting a link to DN's video blog, in a thead, dedicated to DN's video blog, spamming? doesn't really matter who posts itor did DN post a link to the iseries video?
  22. since I'm the Irish guy at FCP and I have posts from like 5 years ago asking you to come to the Irish Open I hope you'll remember Jam-Fly when I start talking to you at the bar!Few tips to partake in Irish 'banter'. Call everyone a 'gowl' and then just inform them that you are 'only slagging'. Saying 'the bankers ruined this country [ie Ireland]' is sure to be received well by all. But most importantly, although not relevant to all Irish banter (it would be more of a younger age group familiar with this), anytime something inappropriate happens (it can be in any situation), you have to say 'TH
  23. out of interest, what's the deal with the random pics of hot girls at the end?
  24. how long are u planning on spending in Dublin Daniel? The atmosphere at the Irish Open is absolutely phenomenal, I'd be shocked if you weren't impressed with the buzz surrounding the festival.
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