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  1. I've heard this is basically a takeover in name only, and not much will change with PokerStars. The reason is that it's the most efficient way to help PokerStars move into the US market. Anyone able to shed any further light on that?
  2. yeah I was thinking the same but then thought, as you said, with how insane everything and everyone was back then who knows, 170mil might have seemed like bargain at the time. FTP were able to shell out tens of millions every year to 'pros' whilst everyone remained none the wiser so I guess the whole online poker thing was just one big massive, ginormous gravy train.
  3. Ooops, just saw interview linked in the pinned thread. Mods feel free to delete.
  4. Really interesting and in depth article here: http://igaming.org/poker/interview/the-daniel-negreanu-story-playing-with-chip-reese-hsp-and-a-170mm-deal-that-never-happened/ Highlights included a deal agreeing to sell FCP (back when it was a poker client also) for $170mm. Then UIGEA happened and the deal was taken off the table. FCP was probably the first site I did anything that would resemble 'grinding' so seeing the interface again was a bit nostalgic. I remember building up from the $10 SNGs to the $30 and $50 SNGs (20 buy-in bankrolls ftw) and it was the first site I consistently p
  5. Yeah have to say I'm such a big fan of Doyles. Isn't delusional thinking he's one of the best players in the world still, and it's probably that very quality that means he's still a winner in today's games. Also doesn't have the ego to need to make some excuse for not playing. Not having $1mil to gamble on a poker tournament is reason enough.
  6. I think Juanda is considered one of the good old school that adapted (Seidel, Esfandiari etc.). I think a lot of people labelled as old school that are smart are either lazy or not actually that smart. Someone like DN was a loser in the 'new school' originally, but worked on his game etc. and now I think is a favourite in most fields.
  7. Are or we to assume said Asian businessman requested his race to be included in his description? If so, some serious meta-game going on..
  8. I agree with the guys, raise a little more pf (I don't mind a check either), and def bet turn. I call the min-raise on the river. I think the raise is a random crazy bluff enough of the time to justify a call. It could also be just one of those raises where villain doesn't even know why he's raising.
  9. Was gona make a very similar post asking about where everyone is and how things are with FCP. Jez, really miss how this place used to be. Looking at post from 2006-08, what a great place this was. I was so innocent, so naive, just genuinely enjoying poker for what it was...needless I really didn't appreciate or realise how great the poker world was then
  10. should we include 2013 review in here or should we go with a separate thread?
  11. Is Main Event included in leaderboard? Rough estimate at how many points a final table would be worth? Just wondering if I have a sweat if Ivey final tables and the rest in that group brick!
  12. There's a big difference between being respected and being a 'legend'. It's totally possible to be one or both. Someone like Chip Reese would be a good example of someone who is both. The vast, vast majority of poker players have respect for him, and a lot of people see him as a poker legend. However, players like Stuey Ungar would probably fall more in the legend category rather than the respect category, but he is still very well respected. Then you have someone like Archie Karas, who most definitely is a legend, but I wouldn't consider him very well respected. Then if you like at s
  13. would be so sick if Esfandiari goes back to back. I know winning a 166 player tournament and a 48 player tournament isn't massively unlikely or impressive or whatever, but it would be pretty epic to do. Does anyone else see the similarities between the one drop and the 'old main events'. Back when $10k was a lot of money and it was only the cream of the crop poker pro and rich amatuers that would play. Obviously that's a very romantic point of view but I think the similarities of the 'old days championship event' can't be ignored.
  14. 1-2 for Chiu and Seiver in event 23! Have both of them in my team, Many point for that?
  15. Esfandiari esp looks great value at 1. Is he not planning on playing much?
  16. Affect and effect, a teacher told me once or I read somewhere once or something that they were actually the same thing, good thing you cleared that up for me. ****ing could of and could have, biggest grammar pet peeve ever, tilts me to end when people use could of.
  17. Chip Reese Phil Ivey Tom Dwan Erik Seidel Barry Greenstein Patrik Antonius Doyle Brunson Stu Ungar Johnny Moss Wild Bill Hickok IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER SERIOUS BUSINESS, THIS IS SERIOUS LIST Last two are sorta wildcard guesses, don't know much about them. The first 8 though all seem to be very well respected all round.
  18. to be fair Daniel. THAT is something someone in a cult would say...
  19. any photo/screenshot/graphic of brackets? only ones I can find are too small/bad quality to actually view
  20. who is the last girl he was in love with that slept around?
  21. 1 Shaun Deeb 2,536,000 2 Vladimir Troyanovsky 1,625,000 3 Ole Schemion 1,227,000 4 Mike Watson 1,620,000 5 Bryan Kenney 484,000 6 Micah Raskin 389,000 7 Tobias Reinkemeier 876,000 8 Vanessa Selbst 1,512,000 pretty strong final table as expected! http://www.pokernews...00-high-roller/
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