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  1. Hey, Leak buster 2 is out, if you have LB1, you can upgrade 50% off just email support and they should give you the upgrade link.
  2. Anyone here use DriveHUD? Here's their website if your interested. http://drivehud.com/
  3. Even now, it's still a good place to learn how to play better.
  4. lucky for us customers.. we make a lot of mistake setting up the HUD, Well when you get all the gear down.. its better than PT4
  5. umm.. wait... if i remember correctly... negreanu's siding with clinton from the articles i read
  6. Proper bankroll management, A little help from a HUD (HM2/PT4/Jivaro/DriveHUD) and a good Leak analyzer
  7. Just want a honest opinion... is Chris Moneymaker hall of fame material (as a poker player) ?
  8. both has their pros and cons . for me it's HM2 not because its better, I just prefer it.
  9. Depending on what OS your using. If your using mac, you will need programs like boot camp to run a HUD, For Windows you can use: HM2(Holdem manager2) PT4(Pokertracker4) With this you can keep track of your games. If you want to run a leak check on your cash games you can run LeakBuster in any of the two HUDs Kiha (edit) Just found out that DriveHUD also works. its easy to use and light on the budget
  10. I've been stalking this site for a while now and i decided to make an acc. I read the books you guy suggest and it helped up my game a bit. POKER WORK BOOK FOR MATH GEEKS= a good read but you need to have a pre-know how about poker. Polished Poker= Straight forward and will teach you the basic knowledge you will need. -------------------------------------- Downloading videos from Deus's isnt a bad idea at all too
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