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  1. I've always been a fan of Holdem Manager over Pokertracker but over the last year or two it feels like PT4 is more popular due to not needing as good a computer. I'm sure though that HM2 offers the best analytical function of them all.
  2. It's still doable. I gave up work 6 years ago, and it was tough enough back then. Best advice that most will give you is to finish your education and treat poker as a serious second career. If you reach midstakes and can hack it for a year or two then obviously you have a serious choice, but until then don't rely on it grinding 10NL to buy cheeseburgers.
  3. Everything starts from preflop. Understand your ranges for opening, cold calling and reraising, then apply how you think a villain's range will differ and use logic to remove hands from the range that is left. Getting your pre flop play sorted out first will help prevent massive mistakes on more expensive streets, and get you started with hand reading from the get go .
  4. Due to the squueze size calling should be fine here. As played KQs makes a decent 4 bet bluff due to blockers. Flop might make a check decent.It's still difficult to get the money in ahead here. As played 50NLmight just be high enough stakes to call this off.
  5. Raise should be 9bb preflop. C bet is too small,make it 9bb or so. Turn is a trivial fold.Villains in a FR game won't value bet worse like this and won't bluff enough.
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