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  1. Anyway, as my own personal favorite script-writer is apparently offended by my attempt to compliment him, I'll give it a rest and stop posting.
  2. I guess for some reason he still thinks that I'm trying to pretend that I actually am THE Gerry Burlage. That isn't true. I just took on an alias, as others do, of a personal hero. In my case, I went with my favorite script-writer. Hope that clears things up.
  3. Is there some reason that you keep accusing me of impersonating you? I already said that I'm a different person than you, thus clarifying the matter for all to see.
  4. I don't know that I could call myself world famous yet. I wouldn't want to be delusional and claim to be something that I'm not. Can't say that I've ever attended a renaissance fair.
  5. I'm not sure what you're so offended by, Vegas Knights. I was actually agreeing with you. These people aren't showing respect for the game we love.
  6. I can tell many of you haven't lived in Vegas. People for the most part who have lived in Vegas respect gaming. It's part of the culture. I can tell many of you don't respect gaming and its image, because if you did you wouldn't act this way in a thread devoted to a script that can help promote gaming/poker. I see an unfortunate few who are really hurting the image of a great pastime. I lived in Vegas for 9 years and I learned to respect gaming as an important American pastime. Maybe not on the level of football and basketball but an important pastime none the less. Yes, some of you guys reall
  7. Ah, so you have resorted to the ol' hearsay post. Well there is a reason hearsay is worthless in court. And I guess the judges at the 2011 festival (from which I received the finalist notice a few weeks ago) haven't heard about your alleged hearsay. And we know, we just know, there is no ulterior motive for all the negativity in here.
  8. Vegas Knights, I'm not impersonating anyone. I think I made it clear that I'm not the same person as you. Your post above is false and defamatory. You think that you're the only person in this world with a claim to the name Gerry Burlage?
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