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  1. I use an Excel spreadsheet, and have columns for date, side, opponent, line, units wagered, juice, grade, the shop at which the bet was placed (important for MB commissions, etc.), and a running tally of my total results, daily results, monthly results, etc. I have different sheets for every sport, and a general "Balance Sheet" and "Income Statement" sheet to combine them in one place.I also keep track of how my various-sized plays are doing, and try to keep track of my plays based on wagerline (and other consensus) splits, to see if I'm missing something. I can quickly tally results for thi
  2. Yeah, I know. I'm nearly impossible to deal with on a day-to-day basis, I imagine. I seriously can't fathom having to figure out where I'm coming from. I just had a conversation with Vickie in the computer lab like 2 minutes ago:Wang: "Hey, Vickster! What's the good word?"Vickie: (arms crossed, obviously uncomfortable) "Hey, Derek..."Wang: "So, how's things?"Vickie: "Uh... Good. Listen, Derek, I just wanted to sa-"Wang: "This conversation won't be fun for either of us -- more fun for me than you, probably -- so why don't we just skip it? I've got a present for you."Vickie: (confused) "Ok
  3. FOUND IT! The perspective from which to approach the end of this era. I am about to enter a creative period, the likes of which I haven't seen in a time. You know what did it? Fucking Jess...I talked to her last night, and she made me feel a lot better. Jess. She was insightful and sweet. So.... weird. Jess? really?So, to prepare for the torrent of creativity that's about to flow from these fingers, I did some research:T H E O N L Y T H O U G H T SI R E M E M B E RC R O S S I N G M Y M I N D T O D A Y . BY DAN KENNEDY - - - --I can't keep doing this. -I wonder what Jimmy P
  4. I... just had to make sure this never disappeared.
  5. Ask Silky Johnson. He's really good with apostrophes.
  6. Congratulations, Speedz, you fucking Ivy League faggot. I got into Princeton, motherfucker, and I turned those bastards down. Yeah. I will need a stake in about 5-7 years.
  7. The only Gern Blanston I know is this guy.
  8. I am sitting in the computer lab listening to "Single Ladies" on repeat. I think I'm going to have to call my shrink and set up an appointment for tomorrow, just in case.
  9. I... just took a picture of myself in the Elf hat/codpiece combo, and I... it's going to take me at least a month to get up the gumption to post this thing. I know it's in the rules, but... can I really look myself in the mirror if I post a picture of myself wearing 2 oz. of clothing below the waist in a public forum? I did it once before (Wang in a zebra hat and jeans), but I don't know if that Wang is still alive. At least I have the "wearing a funny hat" thing going for me. I'm just incredibly worried that if I post this picture, I'm going to be automatically locked into "December 2009"
  10. It opened at 3.0, moved all the way up to 6.0 (!), and then back down to 4.0. The moves were incredibly dramatic. They moved it off three and onto six...
  11. My position tonight (not my bookmaking position, but my position as a player) is Oklahoma +6. The line was jumping all over the place, and I've started to think a little about the way the lines move, and what the books are trying to do. I used to, as a rule, pass if the books moved the line with the money, considering it a bad sign. Now I'm not so sure.In a perfect world, if, say, the Spurs opened as 10 point favorites over the Knicks, the Knicks got all the action, and the line closed at Spurs -11, I'd be on Spurs -10. The only problem is: we don't know that there's going to be reverse lin
  12. Pinny opened some alternate lines (Florida -7.5 +165, Oklahoma -3 +192, blah blah blah, etc.), and around that time somebody at the Wagerline switch had a little conniption, freaked out, and started putting those lines up as the legit (-105/-105) prices. I think.I see this thread is still alive. Any of y'all faggots making money? Want to write me a check or give me a place to crash or anything?
  13. Yeah, thanks. Nothing is ever as bad or as good as it seems. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. Etc. She's a good girl and I won't have you talk abo-I could only make it that far. Actually, Maggie is (actually: was) by far the least of my problems. I am healthy, though. I don't have cancer and I don't have AIDS, so: everything's coming Wangman.Time to go sweat my action and figure out who I need and by how much.
  14. What up, nigggassss?I come to you all broken hearted and nearly insane. Seriously. I endured so much mental anguish over the last few weeks that... I dunno, my brain shut down for like 3 days at one point. I seriously didn't feel a single thing for 3 whole days. C'est la vie though.Cindy: I was your Secret Santa. Your initial gift didn't work out like I planned, so I am sending you the following, ASAP:Letters and collected notes from the last two weeks. Some were written directly to you, and others were written to myself, or to others. I have pretty much nothing left to give, so that's
  15. Longest two weeks ever. The holidays are usually shitty for me, but this year has blown away all other contenders. My girl was out of town (and totally incommunicado), and I just kept getting bitchslapped by tragedy. When my girl came back, I was so emotionally drained that I think I pissed her off, and now I've got that going for me.I won't be around much, but I just wanted to say:Merriweather Post Pavilion is a masterpiece. I am an only-slightly-abashed Animal Collective fan, but I'll be putting the songs "My Girls" and "Brothersport" and "Summertime Clothes" on every single iPod I see.
  16. I just entered a $500 NFL and NCAA picks contest. 25 runners.2500 to the best NCAA record2500 to the best NFL record5000 to the best overall record2500 to be divied up among weekly winners.10K or bust, motherfuckers. All the guys in the contest are straight turds. The invite I received was a result of a discussion in which I disclosed my leans for NFL preseason games, and afterwards remarked, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a lot of bets on the Falcons and Dolphins this year." The guy offered me the last position in the pool on the spot. Every single one of these guys is going to
  17. Amount of time invested in fantasy football so far:0 hoursDrafts tomorrow: 3Hours I anticipate spending on fantasy football between now and bedtime:0 hoursI'm excited. I hope I have the first or last pick so I can look at porn between picks.
  18. And the deep dicking continues. I am so fucked for football season.
  19. Frustrating day on the bases.One NFLx play to chase:Jim Sorgi -5.5 -109 (1x)
  20. Today's card actually didn't induce any physical pain, but that's abnormal. Luckily Seattle and Oakland are playing each other, so I've had a break from AL West losers for a few days at least. Tomorrow will almost surely be disgusting, though. I hate backing the Twins, since I have a White Sox future and the Twins are overvalued in general, but against the Angels I don't really have a choice but to play them. I would have had to sweep all my baseball bets to even put a dent in the amount I'm going to lose from my weekly golf spew, so I'm in the black today no matter what happens.
  21. I actually was super late to get him paid, and he got a little upset about it, so he was telling the truth on that front. Shouldn't be any worries, since I've got one of my lackey's (Bizzle) lackey's on it. If I'd known 3 days ago I just would've had it transferred to you.
  22. I'm well aware. They are the best team in that conference though in terms of total talent. Put Pitt and Balty on a neutral field two months from now, I think Balty would be a favorite (or at least a pick'em).
  23. Yeah, he should have his money. If you don't get paid, just send me a PM and I'll take care of it somehow. I felt a little guilty about forgetting to pay him, but not now. He got all high and mighty with me, and he's refusing to pay you just because some other dirtbag hasn't paid him yet? I don't think it works like that, does it? "Sorry, man. I wish I could pay you for fixing my Air Conditioner, but my brother hasn't hit me back for that bar tab I covered on Friday, soo....."
  24. I think ESPN uses www.coolstandings.com for their reports. CoolStandings has the Jays at 3% to make the playoffs. Even so, they'd be a weaker playoff team playing two roadies and a home series in the Playoffs, making them dogs in at least 2 of the 3 matchups. It's not like their true value is really 7-1 if they make the playoffs, anyway. As for Boston, coming into tonight, BPro had them at 2 wins below their Pythagorean W/L records, and about 6 games below their EqR Pythag (basically, instead of counting runs, we count how many runs they SHOULD have scored, ignoring timely hitting, etc.).
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