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  1. sorry broseiden. we got the cable back on so i made my way to grocery store in preparation for the coming apocalypse. it was a mistake for sure. the line was out the goddamn door.
  2. If you weren't going to tell someone how to do that how would you not say it?
  3. I guess since I've never seen the TV show I don't have any misplaced nostalgia and can accurately appreciate the art of the film.
  4. What's this now? I could use this in my current situation.
  5. Awful movie? Jamie fox Michael mann and Collin farrel. Tight script. Good cera work. Another guy who doesn't know movies. Brvy tell this guy about Michael Mann. Talk some sense into him.
  6. How do we feel about the Miami vice movie? The Michael Mann one. Personally I think it's great. Gets better every time I see it. Literally beautiful to look at.
  7. Cheese is so damn good though. I won't give it up. I'd rather be dead.
  8. Guess ill have to cut out the pepperoni. And maybe the cheese. Or just eat something else. Some carrot sticks maybe.
  9. Whiskers, shut the hell up already. Never mind on that Netflix, idiot roommate has again neglected to pay the cable bill. No Internet or TV and he says he has no money to pay until Friday.
  10. Yeah footlong for sure. Always toasted. Always be toasting. Won't get the combo because ill take it home and watch TV and I have cheese it's at home. Plus if I combo ill get a soda and I need to not be doing that. No cookies for my fat ass either. Probably watch a game on espn of its good. If not ill go Netflix. Probably a psych episode. Been watching that a lot lately.
  11. I'll tell you and then you'll know why subway is fine by me. I don't need any fancy ingredients or anything. I just get the herbs and cheese bread, chicken breast, pepperoni, American cheese, and the chipotle sauce. That's it. Maybe mayo if I'm feeling frisky. I'm a simple man with simple pleasures. Now you know.
  12. Not today maybe. But you have before. And I'm sure you will again.
  13. An acceptable answer. I will continue to take and then not execute advice from you both.
  14. But what does speedz have to say about subway? You know, the important things in life.
  15. I think I'm going to eat subway for dinner. Some people talk shit about subway, but I like it.
  16. No the hardest part is not finishing in 12 seconds. But that's all mental, I just need more confidence. Mouth and hands can get you by, but they can't make you a winner.
  17. Classy, respectable 11 year olds dude. I don't really care so long as I don't get feeling she's liable to bang a random dude any time I'm not around on Friday night. It's a gut feeling. You know whether she's been too far down the road for you. And only you can know. Cause it's in ya gut.
  18. Shake do a google search for "prometheous explained." There's a website that explains the movie and will make you appreciate if even more. I can't find it on my phone, but all your questions can be answered.
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