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  1. Daniel, I Ran across this posting on another forum. Was wondering if you had any input on it? This is concerning the WSOP 2015: "dnegs has a lot of leaks in his play, and I don't get why he still makes mistakes that cost him big time. He will announce correct reads, and still pay off the other players. ( in most cases ) Is it because he is second guessing himself? or has all those leaks been there, and he has just failed to plug them? Steiner was playing a lot more solid than Dnegs, but many pro's seem to fall about the same way. knowing they are beat. but rather than folding, they call
  2. I selected Meteor because i have been seeing an unusual amount of them streaking by earth in the last 30 days. not the usual ones. Im talking Big ones like the Russia, Florida NYC CA and many others. in the last 30 days there have been 17 Russia style close calls. though Russia was the closest of all of them.
  3. Greetings Daniel, I have been watching alot of high stakes poker shows. and noticed that in the past it has been all the well knowns. you, Phil, Doyle, etc. one thing has been missing in my opinion. the amateurs, or aka the unknowns. I was wondering if you guys offer to host cash games to allow the unknowns to come in and try their luck/skills against you? I know Doyle likes the challenge. If you guys do this, where and when. I would like to have a chance to sit with you guys. I would love to see how you all fair against unknowns. unknowns: the ones who grind fo
  4. yes. 30/60 is limit there are limit games in my area from 1/2 limit to 60/120 limit those are 1/2 3/6 6/12 15/30 20/40 30/60 60/120 there are spread limit 100 200 300 and 400 there is 2/2/3 NL 2/3/5 NL 200 max and 400 max. and 2/2/5 no limit no max buy in. then there is 4/8 omaha hi/lo 8 with kill and a 6/12 Omaha hi/lo then there is stud hi 2/4 limit and 4/8 limit this is all in california. by where i live. I like commerce in la. but with the gas prices, im going to stay in northern CA for a bit. the other problem is the Rake is anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars per deal.
  5. just wasted 20 minutes of my life going through this thread!!!! AAAHHH!!!!
  6. ok, after all this time, I now have a new 26k USD bankroll.. im not sure where to start with it right now though. according to my play limits Versus bankroll size, i can Dab in to 30/60 again. im not sure what level i should start at though. and right now i think 30/60 may be to high. as i would have to start with a minimum bankroll on that level. i have not played NLH for a while. should i just restart at the bottom? 3/6 LHE? and work it up from there?
  7. Well, most hands i played, Mr Hollywood never revealed while sitting right next to him, as I woud Eagerly flip mine over and he would muck his. As for the Image, I have been at this brick n morter card room for about 15 years. and many of the regulars know me as the ROCK style. hardly in any hands. but when i am, i usually have a monster, very easy to read in that mannor. An example of Mr Hollywood hands would be when I got a pocket pair of JJ everyone limped in to me, I raised. everyone to mr hollywood called, he Reraised me, i capped, he called. flop came 7s 10h 3d mr holly wood
  8. Interesting cold deck just happened. I was dealt jj. I was the button Under the gun raises. Pot gets capped to me, i call pre flop 6 players in the pot. Flop comes As Kd 10h Bets get capped to me again i call. Turn come Qs again the pot is capped River comes 8h Pot gets capped, 1 player folds. I call. It was set over set over set over set and my jacks for the straight. Raked in 432.00 pot. The guy who folded was on a flush draw and missed. Im taking a break, i think the table just wen on tilt cause i called to the river with JJ
  9. My status thus far. pretty Rocky, having to fight for every chip. but its looking good.
  10. My status thus far. pretty Rocky, having to fight for every chip. but its looking good. EDIT: DERP! Forgot my graph. look below.
  11. What about constant raisers? When would be a good or bad time to raise a hand preflop in omaha?
  12. Yesterday, i joined a low limit 3/6 game and bought in for 200.00 I was seated at seat 8 on this table. I settled in, looked over the people there. And noticed a guy people called mr hollywood seated at seat 4. He played aggressive but talked like he never had nothing. Saying 2 pair wins, and causing people to show their hands first, then he would sho a straight or a flush and rake the pot. Fast forward 2 hours, im now down 80.00 and mr hollywood, just got me for another 20.00. About 30 minutes earlier i noticed a lil ol lady sitting to his left was the only one to consistantly beat
  13. I started a Holdem challenge to take 500.00 and bring the bank roll to 10,000.00 usd. this is in brick n morter casinos. from this chart. I started off bad.. but i recovered. I will post my updates here. Right now this is from low limit 3/6 Holdem. I will move up once i hit my Goal.
  14. ok the area I play at has 4/8 Fixed limit Omaha hi/lo 8 or better I think i have been playing wrong. as 1 day i win alot, the next 2 days , i loose it all back. My thought has been since everyone is going for low, why not play for high. looking around, im seeing in this game, people dont state that AAKK double suited are strong hands. but rather AA23 is the strongest hand. or a234 or a267 double suited. should i focus on low in this game? I find myself playing way too many hands because im not sure on how to exactly play this game. and it seems The game is alot looser t
  15. I was just thinking about it... Tried it a few times. It worked out for me 2 out of 3 time, but is not my normal type of play. I usually play tight agressive. But i do change up one and a while. Since it worked the 2 of 3 times, i figured i would ask around ... Got an answer,
  16. Is this a good tactic? Or will it not work in LHE? Here is how i play it Preflop middle position i get Ks 7s. Its called to me. I raise. Floop come 3d 7c 7h Its checked to me. I bet out. 4 people call me. Turn comes 6h Everyone checks to me. I check. The button checks. River comes and is 10s everyone checks to me. I check, the button bets out. 2 people call, and 1 folds. I raise. Everyone calls.. I win the pot. I use this tactic. And many times if i miss the flop and someone bets the turn, ill usually fold. Meaning i rais pre flop, then bet out on the flop, the
  17. In casino's, here is the best way to do it. If the casino allows call ins do it. If not, arrive an hour earlier than when you plan on playing. Around the 1st of the month through the 15th there is more action. From the 15th to the end of the month the games are generally tougher. As the sharks are running out of fish. They will eye your bankroll to keep theirs growing. Be aware of what part of the month it is. Assuming you know no one there. Here is how i pick out the sharks from the fish. Do any of the players look at their card last. Are there alot of players playing alot
  18. I have gone.nist several times. But, i never borrow money. I have loaned out money but never borrowed.he is a common example of what i see playing in the brick n morter casinos. People you saw playing for uears, one day coming to you asking for money. i quit loaning out money because of this. Of all the people i loaned to, only 1 ever paid me back.I have my 1500 left. Im going to play low limet hames and start over. Its part of the game.Learn.from the vodeo.
  19. im not sure what i was thinking. stupidity maybe?but i just pulled a rounders blunder.I went to a high stakes poker game and placed my entire bankroll on the line in a no limit game.1.5 million USDthe hand that broke me,preflop i make the standard 3 bet raise. im called by 2 playersi had AK spades.flop came Ad Kc 9hthinking i had the best hand, i shoved all in. this is real money. not online.2 players call me, one has me covered. the other was in for 400kwe all turn over our cards.guy 1 has Qd 10dguy 2 has 9d 9cthe turn came Js river 4ci had that sudden sinking filling. that moment in your
  20. I need to upgrade my ipad. I noticed that its getting slower and causing me to make more and more typo's I still have the first one that came out. helped me out a lot keeping track of my bank roll, and how I did on the road. I use the Poker Income Bankroll Tracker app for the ipad. I like it alot. Simple yet does what i need it to. One last note, just because someone can not type, it does not mean they don't know how to play poker.However looking at a hand Daniel commented on. i had to be drunk. I look at it now. and its something an amateur would say or do.
  21. well, i do have an excuse. im on an ipad. and almost always on the road. so alot of times i will post. and enter. i will look at my post later, and correct typos.sure glad to see people here keeping me accurate on my spelling.
  22. ok, i see you had pocket 8's one being a diamond. thus you had a flush draw. on the flop. being that 3 diamonds flopped.im assuming he had Pocket kings. flopping a set.now, im thinking, you hit a 4th diamond on the river giving you a flush. and the board did not pair.now as to why you called. i can only assume you put him on a pocket pair. not thinking he had kings. possibly AA or QQ. you saw him representing a flush. but something tells me that story did not add up. so you thought a call to his all in was good.
  23. on the 4/8 omaha game they used 2 dollar chips so it was actually only 5 racks. not 10. just a clarification.i did that for my first run only. i expected to lose most of it. problem im having now is finding another omaha game. why is omaha not as popular as holdem?
  24. last night i did something i thought was odd. all year i have been playing brick n morter live games as though i was playing tournaments. aka,cplaying my best game always. last night i met somone at a 6/12 table that i had not seen for almost a full year.and for some reason, i played horrible on purpose once i joined him at his table. it showed also. i was down 700.00 it was a. low limit 6/12 game. i lost this amount in about 2 hours.earlier that night i was running very good. i was up 1900.00 for the night was about to go home when i saw him. im not sure why i did this. but i did.while i di
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