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  1. <<Im playing alot better this morning and wanted to post a couple hands to see if Im still playing bad. >>Your results are much better but you still need to calm down, go back to basics and relax a little. I think you should give your fiance a footspa tonite, rub her feet, relax, then play poker, i'm sure it will help your game tremendously!Love you babyLaura
  2. For more complex color formatting, you can mess around with conditional formatting. It's quite slick. It's under format, and you can choose to colorcode cells based on values, in between values, greater than less than, etc. You might want to show a different color for when you double up, or hit a certain dollar amount. Hope this helps!
  3. Jamie Gold... shoulda been gone... the dude that folded his pocket 10's... and Friedman for folding his 7's... both would have been very costly and demoralizing to that asshat! Sad he won.... he sucks!
  4. a page ago you were telling him not to tell.. now you're criticizing that he shouldn't be afraid to tell... contradict much? You're dumb!Tit for tat.. you call me easy I call you dumb! I didn't realize I was defending him, he's a big boy can take care of himself, I was just adding my two cents. It's my fourth post already, I'm on my way to becoming a Forum Troll... WOOHOOO!
  5. Yes they did question the relationship.. that's been put to bed now though I think. I didn't say I'd stick with him if he went broke.. if he displayed continuous behaviors around losing money recklessly with no regard to me or our family.. he'd be kicked to the curb.. this was one incident where he learned a valuable lesson and it didn't make or break our relationship. Only lost $1500... we went with $1500 each.. so that was alot considering how much we were willing to lose in the first place... Chump change smump change.. it was what we went to vegas with to have a good time, play some poke
  6. Well I'm the finace.... and trust me, he's got a zillion great qualities about him, one blow up on the BJ table isn't going to make or break our relationship! I think he wanted to be the "hero"... double up make some money, and shine.. nothing wrong with that, just went about it wrong. He's a great guy, and I love him a million!In regards to me being a better poker player, and him needing to commit suicide.. ack... I've learned so much about poker from him and need him! He learned his lesson, didn't put us in the poorhouse or anything like that, and we are alive to enjoy another day!There a
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