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  1. No, this is not spam. it is a really good site with great poker resources. seems to be down
  2. Yep, I was going to edit it to 350BB and forgot, sorry.Thanks for that tapeworm, i see the point you make about the difficulties on conveying all the nuance of a hand like that.Maybe its better if ask directly about the hand in question so that people can watch it and post comment. It was a hand that played out between Daniel and Jenifer on HSP season 2 episode 1. It was a "deep stacked" game. With this information, Jenifers (heros) hole cards are now known.I just dont get why Daniel wouldnt at least bet out on the flop. Or perhaps an even better option to check raise this flop. Wouldnt a litt
  3. This is not my hand but a hand i watched play out. Some of you may recognise the hand in question but anyway, im very curious as to why it played out like this.Both players are as solid as they come. Both the players in question know their opponents inside out. Hero LAG, villan more to the TAG side.Hero is SB with k8d. Very deep stacked. We will call it 100-100nl with stack sizes at 10000 each.MP limps, Hero raises to 700, Villan calls.Flp 8H, JS, 6D.hero checks, villan bets 1000, hero calls.Turn 6chero check, villan bets 2000, hero callsAt this point, there is something i will add later to th
  4. That raise of 2.5 was to basically try and control the size of the pot if the hand played out as it did. It was very case specific as I knew the maniac would be seeing the flop no matter how much i bet out. Yes. But i didnt feel this should be of concern. If Id felt that he may have been stirctly on draw, Id have jammed my chips in in a nanosecond. But at the time, that was not my read of the situation.I did fold the hand and smasharoos avatar has put my mind to rest.
  5. Ive been at the table for a while. Villan is maniac LAG. He likes seeing flops in any position with any two random cards. .5-.5 NL 5 HandedHero $45Villan $72I got AK on button, villan under the gunVillan raises to $1, hero reraises to $2.5, BB calls, villan callsFlop 6 k 8 rainbowchecked to hero, hero bets $4, button folds, villan callsTurn JVillan checks, hero bets $12, villan bets $35Hero???
  6. I was just reading an article DN wrote for Card Player Magazine.Would anyone please be able to elaborate on the following quote from the article:"Unfortunately, I think the Dom caught up to me. I took a few bad beats to get low on chips, but then made a crucial mistake with A-Q to lose my last $9,500. It was a rookie mistake that I don't think I would have made had I followed my cardinal rules."-Im wondering what would have been the situation? A preflop raiser with AK. DN calling. Board xxA...... Villan bets. DN pushes all in. Something like that? -Also wondering what would the cardinal rule b
  7. So that you can understand my state of mind at the time of this hand, Ill add thee following.It seems that in the last couple of weeks, many more LAGs than usual at the 1-1 level on Poker Room are willing to call pre flop with any two random cards, irrespective of pre flop raises. Ive been stung a large number of times in that period. So it becomes increasingly difficult to narrow out certain possible holdings. My gut in this hand had me believe that when the river hit with an 8, there was a 50-50 chance the villan was holding one of those two cards. My impression was probably clouded by my ex
  8. HiNL 1-1 (5 players)Hero $97Villan $70 Villan is new to table but seems to be lag , but seems to shutdown at a hint of trouble.hero in SB holding AA. It is folded to hero. hero raises to $4.00. Villn in BB calls.Flop 4,8,j rainbow.hero bets $6, villan calls.turn 4hero bets $14, villan calls.river 8hero checks, villan pushes all in for $46can i call?Did i play this hand ok? Thanks
  9. .5-.5 NL Heads UPWe have just sat in, second hand.Im op 86Hvillan raises 1.25, I callflop comes 566 rainbowI bet 2, villan raises to 6, I callTurn 10I bet 16, Villan calls.River comes AI push All in (app. 25 Dollars)Im not sure if what i was thinking in playing this hand is relevant, as im way more interested in hearing how the hand should have been played in those experienced with NL HU play.Cheers,Jay
  10. Im a begginer at NLH.Would love to hear about dealing with a hand and flop such as this one:.25/.50 NLH - 5 handedVillan 1 SBVIllan 2 BBHero Button QQHero raises $2.00Villan 1 callsVillan 2 callsFlop comes 2s 10c 3dVillan 1 checksVillan 2 checksWhat to do? Does this situation call for a pot size bet, which would probably take the pot down right here?Am I better to put in a half size bet hoping for a call?I would really appreciate being to hear what line of thinking is taken in these sort of situations.Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the reply. That was exactly how I was feeling. Ive gotten my head around it.Cheers,Jay-phone
  12. HiStarted playing no limit holdem about 6 months ago. Cashed in on poker room and have progressively built up my bankroll. Been doing well till about 3 weeks ago. Seems like I cant get a hand right.The last hand I played was as follows:1-1 NLThe game is tight aggressive.Im on the BB with JJeveryone folds to a very aggressive player who raises to 3. All fold to me and I flat call.Flop come 5 J Q rainbow. I check. Villan raises to 10.I reraise to 30. Villan puts me all in. I callVillan shows AQ. Turn comes 10, river comes K.So, its another bad beat which has been happening to me constantly for t
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