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  1. Calm down Tritz with quotes like these its no wonder people still bag on you for what you call "old stuff" I know its hard to believe but people find entertainment in you being annoyed. So just ignore it plain and simple...That statement is good advice. Of course I must admit that I laughed when I seen the pic in your signature, it didn't go with the advice. :)EStormOk
  2. This has nothing to do with the charter membership. This is just an idea one of the members had and a few of us decided to help coordinate it all.I understand that now. Thanks for clarifying it for a newb.EStormOk
  3. I am new to this site. Have been reading the blogs for a long time and love poker. I would be up to participating. Would there be a better way to get these oppurtunities out than just the forum. Could all those that have signed up for charter member status be emailed about future oppurtunities? Not everyone gets on the forum every day.EStormOk
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