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  1. No, I'm just talking about the basic approach to the game.
  2. I'm not speaking of changing gears. I'm speaking about the overall approach to the game. Both Action Dan and Gus Hansen know very well when to change gears or how to be aggressive, yet their approach to the game is very different.
  3. I suspect that someone might have touched this subject before, and if so, please send me the link to the original post. I'd really love to hear not only from Daniel, but from all of you guys.Here it goes: it's become very clear to me that my natural style of play is super-aggressive. After one hour or two playing "by the book" I'll get bored and decide to start to have some fun. The result is always extreme: I'll make some great plays, but I'll make some very, very stupid ones as well. I started playing poker when I was 9 (my grandfather taught me and my cousins how to play 5-card draw and the
  4. SexyStudThang, your theory sounds really interesting, but there are some things I didn't understand 100%, just wanted to clear them out before agreeing or disagreeing with you: OK, bear with the newbie here. I need some vocabulary help:"keeping the lead on this hand"?"continue to play"? Hmmm... Let's say the player has 88 and the turn or the river comes an 8. The player has the better hand. Why are you check raising on the river (assuming there's no flush draw)?
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