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  1. since no one is here, i'm going to the bar. that seems like a neat idea. okay then bye bye now.
  2. If I had a castle with a heated moat, it would contain many piranhas. I also want a scientist to invent a new hybrid animal the pirguinha, a hybrid with penguins and piranhas, it would be neat. Hello, hope everyone is doing well, I'm still alive. okay then bye bye now.
  3. i have to get up at 4 a.m tomorrow to go buy the retro 11 space jams(shoes) because no store is getting them where I live, so another day I shall return. don't you go dying on me.
  4. same thing different day, people are still stupid.
  5. work is rigged, i need a raise, winter is stupid, snow should only be allowed in canada.
  6. so i go to mcdonalds to get a couple of $1 menu double cheeseburgers, it comes to like $2.48ish, wtf? evidently double cheeseburgers are not on the $1 menu now, but don't worry they have the "McDouble" same thing except only 1 slice of cheese instead of 2. if this has already been discussed, my bad and blame the state that i live in, we're a little behind on everything.
  7. chris collinsworth should have to broadcast every nfl game.
  8. how do the raiders have a better record than the lions?
  9. still in north dakota, still live with my mom cause i somehow managed to get myself in more debt, lost my drivers license again, manage a carwash now, and those are the reasons i drink everyday.
  10. it's nice to see the cards haven't changed since the last time I played, this game sucks.
  11. anyone in here willing to send me $ via western union in exchange for money on fulltilt pease pm me. later.
  12. whiskey check your PM's, everyone else, hello/goodbye.
  13. going better, got a new job where if i'm not an idiot I should move up quickly, and yes, walls are neat.
  14. hello, i'm still alive, don't have a computer that's operational at the current point in time, hope all is well. later.
  15. I got nothing to add at this point except Pat Nesheks Blog.
  16. if you buy a new car, don't put your dog in it, then take it to the people who clean them and expect them to get the dog hair out. especially in a hyundai, because the carpet is impossible to get clean.sincerely,a guy who hates his job.
  17. #1_unlucky_one or some variation close to that
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