Poker and Props, Gotta Love it!

2-5-9 When you flop trips, that pays double also, so this prop was worth: 4 x $7000= $28,000
1 x $10,000= $10,000
x 2 for trips= $76,000 Now, if I was on for triples and hit this prop playing four handed, it would pay me a cool $684,000! Unfortunately in this case, I was only on for singles and my opponent was on for doubles and had a 5 in one of his props. He owed me $76,000 but I had to pay him back $28,000. Still, a $48,000 profit. Then, to my surprise I hit my second biggest prop when I was on for doubles. The flop came 7-7-7 and I have three 7’s in my props, so that one paid: 3 x $7000= $21,000
x 2 for trips= $42,000
x 2 for doubles= $84,000 He was on for singles and has a 7 in his big boy and another 7, so this prop netted me $50,000. Y’all confused yet? Lol. Once you get the hang of it, it all starts to make perfect sense. It was nearing the morning and I was in a race trying to win more in the poker game than I was losing in props! Finally, at about 8:00am after a 10 hour session I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I ended up winning $207,500 in the poker game. As for props, I lost $136,000 there, so I netted $71,500 on the evening. It is kind of strange that after a 10 hour session the only interesting hands I can remember are the props flops! Oh well, next time I promise to post a hand or two in the blog.]]>