Playing the WPT Legends Event Today

The only real no limit hold’em I’ve played recently is 6 hands out of every 48in the 8-game mix at Even at the WSOP I played very little, being eliminated early in the main event with my nose running like a faucet. I’ll obviously be a bit rusty today, but historically that’s often been a good thing for me. It makes me a little “scared.” Not weak, wimpy, scared, but more like every move I make feels more important when I’m this fresh. I’m far less sloppy when I take long breaks away from the game. It’s about 11:00am now and the tournament doesn’t start until 3:00pm so I’ll be wide awake for the 3:00pm start time. I’ll be doing the twitter thing, you can follow me there, at RealKidPoker. I had some fun with my tweets yesterday, basically needling Phil Hellmuth. Here’s a few of them: 87 percent. @phil_hellmuth’s name dropping percentage per tweet. Officially good for the Guinness record books Just golfed with Tiger Woods and on my way to Michael Jordan’s house to shoot some hoops before my date tonight with Shakira. PH parody:-) Blowing off Shakira to have tea with Madonna and Elton John at Bill Clinton’s house. Hillary is out of town so I assume tons of babes. Forgot I have to fly to LA for the WPT at the Bike Gonna borrow Beyonce’s jet and catch a ride with Jay Z WillI I Am and Jolie. She wants me Oops. Kanye West is pissed. I took his seat on the plane and Beyonce told him to fly Southwest. She wants me too btw. Angelina just asked me if I wanna do a bump! I don’t know what that is, but it sounds really good! Just landed in LA. Ok so it was me who flew Southwest. Kanye was being a little bitch so I didn’t wanna make a scene. Playing WPT tomm.
I was just having a little fun with Phil, he’s an easy target to say the least. Anyway, my tweets today will be poker tweets, haven’t done that in a while, although, whenever I play on I usually tweet to let you guys know if you wanna rail the game. I haven’t done a written blog since the one about my mother, but I did do a video blog which you can find at either or I did that blog after returning home from Toronto, and give an update on how my mother is doing. ***************************************************************** I’ve just been going over my schedule for the rest of the year, and it doesn’t look to bad compared to previous years: Aug 22-26 WPT Bike
Sep 2-9 EPT Barcelona
Sep 10 Fantasy Football Draft (it will be filmed for television)
Mid September Various WCOOP events including the $25 Heads Up event
Sep 23 AHL Fantasy Hockey Draft in Toronto (huge deal for me)
Sep 25 Caesar’s Cup in London
Sep 26 WSOP Europe
Sep 30 EPT High Roller
Oct 2 in Los Angeles to shoot PokerStars show that will air on Fox (more on that later)
Oct 20-26 WPT Bellagio
Nov 3-6 Golf/Poker Academy with Doyle, Dewey, Leadbetter, etc. (more on that later)
Nov 9 Watch Phil Ivey win the WSOP main event
Nov 11-16 Romania (more on that later)
Dec 13-19 WPT Bellagio
Jan 3–14 PokerStars Carribean Adventure (more on that later, tons of events there this year)
Feb 20-25 WPT Commerce
Mar 8-12 WPT Bay 101
Apr 17-24 WPT Championship
There will be more added to that schedule, I just don’t have dates yet. For example, I’m obviously going to attend the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo again this year, as well as a couple other stops on the EPT. First things first… time to try and put in a good effort at the Bike today. ]]>