Outplayed, Outdrawn, and Coolered By the Same Guy on Day 3

Outdrawn: I raise with 9d 10d the guy min re-raises me and I call. Flop is 7-8-9 one diamond. Check check. Turn a 6d giving me a straight and a straight flush draw. I bet the turn he calls. River a 10, check check. He shows 55 and we chop. Anything else I think I get some value on the river. Outplayed: Super aggro Canadian kid makes it 4500 in the cutoff, I call on the button with Jc 8s, the “guy” calls from the small blind. Flop is Qs 10s 7s and we all check. Turn is a 9, they check to me and I bet 14,800. The “guy” makes it 35,000 and I call. River is a 9 and he he ships it all in and I quickly fold. He shows… two red threes! Outplayed: A lady raises weak, so I re-raise from the small blind to 19,700 with A-8, the “guy” calls in the big blind and is very obviously strong, like JJ or QQ for sure. Flop comes 8-8-8 flop is checked. Turn is a 10 I bet 28k he calls. River is a 2 I bet 70k and he folds the Queens. I should have bet the flop, ugh. Coolered: I limped with 6-8 and he raised to isolate me and I decided to call. The flop was K-9-7 with one heart. Check check. Turn is the 10h, I bet 6000, he raises 15,000 more, I move all in with the straight, he quickly calls me with… QJ. Ugly turn card yuk. Outdrawn/Outplayed: I raise with A-Q to 5600 and he raises to 15,000, I call. Flop is A-8-6 one diamond, I check call about 21,000. Turn is a Jd I check call 42,000. River is the 8d I check call 50,000… he shows A-J doh! I knew he had me that time, but he owned me all day and I couldn’t bring myself to fold it. I didn’t really lose a pot to anyone else. When I played pots with other people I basically busted them to stay alive and donate more chips to “the guy.” I forget his name, I know, I suck, but I often forget people’s names. The dude was 6′ 4″ tall, played football, is a limit hold’em guy from the east coast, wears a Patriots hat, plays 100-200 limit hold’em at Commerce, finds it easier to lose weight when he is home rather than the road, eats a lot when on a winning streak or a losing streak, does well with the diet when even, but he says he’s never even. So yeah, I know all that, but I have no freaking clue what the guy’s name is. I was in danger of bubbling again, but thanks to the fact I’m playing in the best structured tournament in the world, bar none, I was able to bounce back and get to 222,500 to end the night, still 70+ big blinds deep and just above the average. Hey Bellagio peeps, if you are listening or reading, take a look at this structure, stop with the insanely deep stacks early, and add more play to the middle of the tournament. Oh, and fix the pansy antes they suck!!! ***************************************************************** The night ended a bit later than normal so instead of going to Fresh N’ Easy I drove to a 24 hour VONS in Hollywood to pick up some groceries so I can eat stuff before play, during breaks, and then at the end of the night. On the way back, my navigator was playing tricks on me so I ended up in a strange part of town that seemed dark and rather impoverished if I may say.
I asked a guy how to get back on the freeway. He mumbled something to me and I noticed that him and all his boys were wearing blue bandanas and stuff. I, of course, was in a rental car, a red Dodge Charger and I had on a red t-shirt and a red hat. “Excuse me fine gentlemen, do you fancy you could help a lost tourist out with some directions? I’m trying to get back to the Commerce Casino, I’m there playing in a poker tournament where first prize is almost two million dollars! Oh, and by any chance, could any of you young boys spare change for a $100? I assume you boys should be rolling in tens and twenties from your line of work, right?” At that point I pulled out two $5000 bricks of cash that I just happened to have loose in my pockets. “Oops, didn’t even realize I had that in my pocket. Funny, I usually leave my stash of cash in the trunk, you never know who might want to rob you these days. All kinds of hoodlums running the streets at these late hours. You boys should be careful.” Then I realized that these young lads where serious about their security. One gentleman was grasping what he called an “Glock” while smoking a bit of medicinal marijuana. I assume he registered for a legal card in California somewhere, that would be illegal otherwise!
There was no reason to worry about them at all, they seemed to understand the dangers of the streets. Then one of the younger boys, “Ice Easy Street Killer” was his name, asked me, “Where dat scrilla at yo? I’m tryin’ to get paid.” “Oh, at the commerce Mr. Street Killer, or do you prefer Mr. Killer, or the full Mr. Ice Easy Street Killer? Yes, yes, you can come down to the conference room at the lovely and spacious casino and enjoy some of the choice foods available at the concession stand while you enjoy the festivities. Should be a smashing good time, do join us? Oh, but please ask Mr. Pookie Sheezie to leave his weapons in the car as the casino policy clearly states, “No weapons, automatic or not, are permitted on the casino floor.” I’m not too sure if the boys are going to make it to the casino tomorrow to watch me play, but I assume they’ll at least come back and drop off my car at the casino tomorrow. They asked me if they could borrow it, Pookie Sheezie’s baby mama needs to go get her hair did tomorrow and I obliged. It’s so nice to make new friends in Los Angeles! What a great city… Peace out my…. oh, wait a minute, I’m being told I can’t use that term. That’s a special term they use to show affection to eachother, but it’s really not for crackers. Understood.