On to Day Three

3:27 EST – “John Gale is the only pro on my table. Table has a lot of chips too. Good spot for me” 3:52 EST – “Just got bluffed. A guy limps next player makes it 4k I call with 10 10. Flop 8 9 2 guy bets 5k I call. Turn 7 check check. River Ace guy bets 8k I fold. He shows 44. I have 27k now” 4:06 EST – “Back to 36700. Picked off a continuation bet bluff and pulled a re-bluff on the river” 4:17 EST – “At 41k now. Just won a small one with AQ in a checked down hand” 4:31 EST – “Rivered again by Gale. Flop 8 6 3 I had 34 and called. Turn Q he bet I call. River Ace check check he shows A5 off. Back to 32800” 4:52 EST – “40900 end of level” 5:38 EST – “44400 now. Having the lowest fluctuation tournament you can have and I like it” 5:47 EST – “Double up to 88k… Details coming” 5:52 EST – “I call 4k raise with 10s js bb also called. Flop J z 3 two spades. Checked to me I bet 6k. Bb makes it 12k I go all in for 25500 more. He has 77. Turn 5 riverKs. 6:17 EST – “Hit the 100k mark” 6:26 EST – “Robert Mizrachi just showed up on my left. He just got here today. He has the flu. I like him but I hope he goes broke fast! I don’t want to get sick” 6:30 EST – “Just lost 12k with AQ vs 67 off all in preflop” 6:35 EST – “90900 after level 7” 6:55 EST – “Back to 105k after a good value bet on the river with a pretty weak hand. Got called for 7k by a worse hand” 7:01 EST – “Down to 80k after losing with QQ vs KK” 7:16 EST – “Two great calls in a row has me up to 121k. First hand. Called Gales 8500 river bet with 44. Second bust Mizrachi with A10 after he moved in with KJ. Robert had the flu which mader it an easy call- flu equity” 7:25 EST – “164k now AK outran 99 all in pre” 7:49 EST – “258k now…Details coming” 7:51 EST – “I raise to 2800 with Qc 10c lady makes it 10k from sb I call. Flop J 9 8 she bets 12k I make it 32k she calls. Turn K she bets 40k I put her all in. She folded leaving herself with just 20k? Speculation is Ak or AA” 8:13 EST – “Same guy who beat my AQ with 67 just beat my AK with A7 allin preflop for 12k” 8:20 EST – “242600 at the end of level 8” 9:03 EST – “290k Krablar just busted AA” 9:05 EST – “Riased to 3600 with Kh 3h. Button and bb call. Flop Kc jh 9h. I bet 7k button raises I go all in he calls with AhAs. Turn jh river 6d” 9:23 EST – “Up to 350k hitting loads of flops with pair and flush draw type hands. Called raise pre with K10 spades from sb bb called also. Flop KJ4 two spades. I check BB bets 4k I make it 12 he makes it 34k and I move in. He instamucks” 9:42 EST – “My table is sick. Two hands in a row I see the tightest player at the table get all in as a monster fav. He should get NO action but lost both times. AA vs AK” 9:58 EST – “I have been moved. New table: Alex Kravchenko Joe Cavello Men Nguyen and Nam Le” 10:00 EST – “Two internet kids here too” 10:06 EST – “339500 end of level one level left” 10:27 EST – “Interesting pot at new table. I raise to 5k with 99 chick in BB thinks forever and fakes a reraise. She calls. Flop QQ8 she bets 12k. I don’t believe her and decide to move her in for her last 50k. She folds” 10:50 EST – “Just lost a monster to a ship it holla bolla guy” 10:52 EST – “I raised cutoff with AJ buton internet guy called. Big blind internet kid made it 23k. I thought he was making a move so I moved him in. He called with QQ. Flop was A Q 2 so I would have lost some money either way” 10:53 EST – “Down to 258k” 11:52 EST – “Night is over. 265700”
So that’s essentially what you’ll get in the forum tomorrow if you are interested in railing. You won’t get updates like that anywhere else obviously. One hand in particular I wanted to talk about before bed and getting some rest. It’s the one hand where I got my money in bad after making an overly aggressive play on a bad read. I was playing with the original founders of the “Ship It Holla Bollas.” For those that have no clue, don’t worry, I didn’t either until recently. A group of internet guys who have a faux crew and just like to have fun with it. So anyway, with blinds at 1k-2k I make it 5k from the cut off with AJ. The first Holla Bolla calls me on the button and the other Bolla is in the big blind. He thinks for a bit and makes it 23k total. I just didn’t believe him and thought he was trying a squeeze play since it looked like a good spot to pick up some decent chips with little risk. I didn’t know much about the kid outside of the fact that he plays online and seemed to play a lot of pots thus far. I decided to move him all essentially, making it 50k more. He went all in for another 20k which I obviously had to call. He showed QQ and the flop was A… then Q 2. Oh well. The thing is, this is precisely the kind of play that I never make but I’ve added a few new wrinkles to my game for a couple reasons. The main reason is that I think I’m just playing better overall, but the second reason is that I’ve shared so much of my approach to the game that any perceptive player should have an idea what I’m trying to do. The beautiful thing about poker is that when your opponents over compensate one way, that allows you to make some other types of creative plays. I obviously wish I didn’t choose the AJ hand to make a variation play, but looking at the bigger picture, I went with my gut on that hand and that’s a positive. What I decide to do tomorrow will depend on who’s at my table. I had my chips up to 360k before that hand and ended the day with 265,700 which is still in the top 15. I’m not really concerned with where I rank in chips, especially because there is so much play in this tournament that even the below average stacks can still play poker. When I won this tournament a couple years ago I came into the final 33 in 31st place but was never worried. Or maybe that was last year when I came third, either way I got the chip lead in that tournament when it counted. On the day I hit so many sick flops. Straights, pair and flush draws, straight flush draws with trips, etc. It was unreal. When I hit those kind of gambling type flops I usually do quite well. I’m looking forward to getting three handed with E-DOG and Ivey and then playing for the whole thing at my house on my new golf simulator. Speaking of which (now would be the time to stop reading if you are looking for more poker content), I rushed home to try it out and it’s so sick! My back was an absolute mess when I got home but that didn’t stop me. Because of my back, though, I couldn’t hit the ball the way I wanted to, but I still played Pebble Beach from the up tees and shot 100. After that I practiced and was just amazed how accurate this thing is? There is one club in the bag that I KNOW exactly how far I hit it- my 60 degree wedge goes 60 yards on the dot. I hit about 10 balls and guess what my average distance was? Between 56-63 yards, landing exactly on 60 yards! This thing is too much fun but I didn’t want to overdo it. So, I went downstairs and got an ice pack from the freezer, and put it on my back and ribs for 20 minutes or so. It actually feels much better after icing it.
Ok, enough about that, nobody cares, lol, I know, but what can I say, I’m obsessed and I just got the coolest toy imaginable!