On the the $1500 NL Event

The turn was a 7, David checked and I checked behind him. The river was a Queen and David bet 5000. I didn’t think David would check two pair or a set on the turn, so all I could put him on that beat me was a hand like Q-8 or 9-10 looking for the check-raise. I also felt like, since I showed weakness, he may try to bluff the pot with a hand like K-6. I called the 5000 and he showed 9-10. Then later on his button he made it 1200 to go, and I moved in for like 4400 with Ac 3c from the small blind. David called with K-10 and flopped a King. Next. After the tournament I headed back to my house and hit some balls. I chipped in my backyard for a bit before heading upstairs to use the simulator. Good way to release tension, that’s for sure. I turned on the TV and randomly watched the National Spelling Bee. That’s one of the funniest shows on television! I’m hooked. The plan is to get to bed a bit later tonight, around 1:00am and try to get up closer to 10:00am in preparation for the long WSOP days. If things don’t go well tomorrow I will probably head to Summerlin and maybe play nine holes. Hopefully I won’t have to worry about that.