On the Road Again

1 Pair Louis Vitton Black
1 Pair Bernini Beige
1 Pair K-Swiss White
2 Pairs of Socks Beige
7 Pairs of Socks Black
7 Pairs of Sock White
14 Pairs of Underwear
2 Pairs of blue jeans
2 Pairs other color jeans
I Pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt
5 T-Shirts
1 Pair of black jeans
1 Beige Suit
5 Poker Mountain tops
1 Orange sweater (it’s the new black 🙂
3 Striped dress shirts
1 Black mock neck sweater
4 Various tops
2 Hats
2 Belts 1 Phone with Charger
1 Secret item
Poker Vitamins
Valet Ticket (left my truck in Burbank)
Books + Magazines
Camera + Charger
Leather Jacket
Money That might seem like a lot I dunno, but it’s better to have options I always figure. My flight leaves at 11:45am (no delays hopefully) and gets into Burbank at around 12:50pm. That will give me enough time to head to the Wyndam for a quick shower and then over to the Commerce for the 3:30pm start time. Not the best way to prepare for a tournament probably, but I’m not too worried honestly. I’m kinda hungry to get back on the road and play some poker!]]>