Ok, I think I’m going a little nuts!

“Yeah right. You don’t play poker no more man, you’re a businessman now.” I had no reply because it truly has been a long time since I’ve played any live poker. After lunch the crew and I headed over to my place to do the key interview for the piece that is scheduled to air sometime in April. The interview went extremely well I think, not too many poker questions, but more stuff about my personal life, etc. Once the interview was done the camera guy got some shots of me playing poker online over at www.pokermountain.com. I typed into the chat box letting everyone know that it was being filmed and ended the sentence with “Smile, you’re on TV.” Once the crew was done with me I actually decided to head over to the Bellagio and put in a session. Of course… no game! Unreal, the one day I actually decide to play some poker there’s no game. The last time I went in to play the game was full at 5:30 in the afternoon. Oh well, I took care of some things while there and then head home to tackle a few important e-mails and phone calls. *************************************************************** February 13th I knew today was going to be a hectic day. I was filming 15 short segments for The Score in Toronto while the W-5 crew also needed to get some more things done with me. They planned on interviewing my mother early in the morning but my mother called me at about 8:00am to let me know she wasn’t feeling well at all. Overnight she lost some water weight and that often knocks her out the next day. The W-5 crew were very understanding and head over to Erick’s house with me. Why Erick’s house? Well E-DOG has a pimpin’ bachelor pad as I may have mentioned earlier and I thought it was the perfect place to shoot the poker tips that will air on The Score. E-DOG’s got it all, seven plasma screens, a projector, computers everywhere, a pool table, basketball court and a sizeable swimming pool. It’s pimp, real pimp. I showed up at Erick’s at around 1:00pm (about an hour late) and we got to shooting. Since I’d be doing 15 one and a half minute tips I knew I’d be there for several hours. Overall I think I did a decent job with the tips and it was back to my other camera crew with the W-5. Once finished with The Score tips E-DOG and I head over to PT’s PUB to get some shots of us hanging out playing some pool. They got what they needed and after they left Erick and I hung out for a while and talked “business”. After about an hour there though the vibe seemed a little dull so we head over to another hangout of ours, Road Runners. Erick’s buddy Ryan and my friend from Toronto Tyson joined us there. We hung out there for hours and when it was time to leave I didn’t think I should be driving. I stuck to beer most of the night but near the end we had a few Belvedere and Cranberrys. Couple the drinks with the fact that I was already exhausted and I decided to take a “little” nap in my car till I sobered up a bit. I planned on maybe dozing off for about an hour or so, but when I finally woke up I noticed it was 9:30am! Yikes, that was a full night’s sleep but I can’t say it was all that comfortable. *************************************************************** February 14th I made it home by about 10:00am and passed out on the couch. The W-5 crew made arrangements to do an interview with my mother and at about 10:30am I was awaken with a camera in my face! I covered my head with the blanket and let them go about their business. Basically they were getting a shot of my mother putting food in my fridge. At noon, my new assistant showed up for his first day at work. I gave him a list of chores to do and told him I’d be upstairs in bed. The doorbell rang at around 2:00pm with some good news… my Golden Tee 2005 had arrived! Well that woke me up for good as I was super excited to play. The W-5 crew’s timing was impeccable as they showed up at the house just as the game had been delivered. In fact, Victor the reporter on the story helped me to get the game to work, the guys who dropped it off didn’t have a clue how to work it and of course, neither did I. In order to make room for the game I had to move my little fridge out of the way so I decided to do that on my own. Big mistake. I pulled a muscle in my back and I’m in some pretty serious pain right now. I should know better than to try anything that requires exerting myself! Anne, the producer of the W-5 bit is also a Yoga fanatic so she showed me some exercises to help ease the pain. They worked- for a minute, but after that the pain just came right back. The crew took some more shots of the house, some of my trophies, bracelets, pictures, my massage chair, and of course my new toy the Golden Tee. It was about 4:00pm which meant quitting time for my assistant Travis. He was here for four hours and got a ton of work done, looks like this may work out very well for me. He had one last chore to do before he left though, get a butt kicking from me at Golden Tee! We played through 18 holes and he ended us shooting a +7, while I had a decent game and shot 6 under par. So with a little time to kill I head to the dry cleaners, picked up some mail at my PO BOX, deposited that check from Tunica and have a few minutes to make a journal entry. I wish I could say that I’m going to get some rest tonight, but at 6:30pm I have to meet the W-5 crew for some late night driving shots followed by a house game over at E-DOG’s place. I’m really trying to do more media related things this year, but man it is extremely tiring. I haven’t had a day of “nothing” in quite a while and it looks like my schedule is only going to get worse from here. If I’m not careful, I will seriously lose my mind! I need a day of nothingness bad… real bad.]]>