Off to Bellagio

I played my absolute best throughout the entire tournament but finally was eliminated with about 280 players remaining. An aggressive player raises to 2200 and I re-raised from the big blind to 7400. It’s only the third time I’d ever re-raised before the flop in the hole tournament, the second hand was also against this player when I moved him in with AK. This time I had QQ and he didn’t believe me I guess because he shoved me all in. I already decided that when I put the 7400 in that I was committed to the hand, so I called and we now had over a 40k pot in the middle. He showed 10-10. Great spot for me, but the flop came K-10-4. The turn was the Ace of clubs which gave me lots of outs, I could hit a club, a Q, or a J to stay alive but the river was the 5s and that was that. So I didn’t “win” the tournament, but it was a win in my book anyway since I played an excellent tournament. I feel strong, and am committed to being even more physically ready for the WPT Bellagio and the WSOP. In fact, I’m in my room now and am going to head to the gym now for a bit before dinner. Tomorrow I’m playing in a special “Stars of Poker” event that will be televised. It’ll be against some of the other members of Team PokerStars. I’m going to give it my all in that one as well. Anyway, that’s that. I’ll likely be doing some commentary of the tournament in the last two days. You can watch the tournament for free at ]]>