Not going to Foxwoods

I need a poker break…. so I’m taking one. Period. The next tournament I play will be the 5 Diamond at Bellagio in December. Until then I’ll be spending my afternoons on the course, my nights working in the PokerVT studio, and maybe hanging with the guys, playing pool, etc. Aside from that, have to start getting back to writing my book too. There is a lot of good stuff already done, but I want to polish it up a bit and edit some of the work. Speaking of writing, I’ve decided that I need a break from the columns too. When I took on the syndicated weekly column I didn’t realize how much work it could be when I added it to the CardPlayer columns I was already writing. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to have to pick one, and I decided to keep the syndicated column which means I’m not going to be writing a regular column for CardPlayer anymore. No reason at all other than the fact that I can’t keep up. All of this and a lot more is covered in a video blog I just shot the other night while at the PokerVT studio. Check it out at, you should be able to find it right there on the homepage. I also did an interview while in Niagara Falls with Amanda Leatherman for, a cool new site that will host Barry “The Bear” Greenstien’s blog, some more of Joe and Gavin’s radio show, and some “other stuff” I guess. Anyway, in that interview I said some stuff publicly that I’ll bet you’ve never heard before, which is kinda shocking considering how many interviews I’ve done. This one was WAY different, though, as it covered my teenage smoking stint, my break ups with Evelyn Ng, and some other stuff too… anyway, I just dumped off $20,000 to Genius28 in the $100-$200 NL game at Poker Stars, so it’s time to click send and donk off some more.]]>