No Win Situation

If I feel like talking politics I’ll use the blog. If I want to share my views on God, I’ll use the blog. If I want to tell you all about a new product I’m endorsing, again I’ll use the blog. This blog doesn’t owe anybody anything. It’s my personal diary of sorts that I share with whoever wants to read it. After looking at some numbers, it appears that a lot of people are interested in hearing what I have to say- even if it is about a silly shopping spree! I don’t expect people to agree with everything I have to say- that would be crazy. I do however, expect people to respect the fact that I’m willing to say things that are on my mind without pulling any punches. Hey, I’m not happy with the fact that the WSOP has been tough on me this year and I won’t pretend to be happy about it in my blog. I am genuinely proud of myself, though, for the way I’ve handled the drought. Well, in today’s $3000 Limit Hold’em event it looked like the drought would be over. I was a monster chip leader for most of the event, but right when we hit 1000-2000 limit I hit a wall…hard. I went from being the comfortable chip leader with 66,500 all the way down to 16,500 without winning a chip. Man that sucked. I was able to scrounge my way back up to 26,000 when I lost a 35,000 pot to a three outer on the river. What once looked like a sure final table appearance, was now in jeopardy of missing the money altogether. I scrounged and clawed with my itty bitty short stack and was able to make it through the day with just 25 players left. Unfortunately, I’ll be in the small blind with a total of 8000. The blinds are 2000-3000 so if I fold the first hand I’ll have 6000 left to see a full round of hands. That’s my plan, unless of course I’m alone with the big blind or pick up a hand right away. Before the last hand of the night I was still very short on chips with 26,000, but had a crushing defeat that left me crippled. One thing it did help me with, though, is my decision to play in the $1000 rebuy event tomorrow. If I had a good stack in the $3000 event it would be silly to blow a bunch of rebuy money for an event I might not even get to play. With 8000 left, though, I feel more than comfortable playing both events. If I happen to miss too much time in the $1000 rebuy event, well that must mean I’ve made a comeback in the $3000 event. All in all, it would be a good problem to have. ]]>

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