No Drinking- Check, No Socializing- Check, Sleep Schedule- Check, Bags Unpacked- Check

The partying is officially out of the system. I had a good time in Copenhagen, even staying an extra day, but couldn’t tell you absolutely anything about the city. I can tell you, though, that the bar downstairs in the lobby serves Carlsberg, Tiger, Tudor, and Carlsberg Blue Elephant. They’ve also got some killer popcorn down there. They have restaurants too I guess, but I don’t know if they are any good as I either ate room service or something I brought from home. I got my grub on right now actually, typing with tomato sauce on my fingers as I eat a pizza with no cheese, mushroom, green pepper, black olives, and pineapple. It’s hitting the spot pretty hard as I slept the whole flight from London to LA. When I got to LA I checked into the Double Tree, formerly known as the Wyndham hotel. I had a reservation at the Commerce for the next day which is kind of annoying, but luckily, when I made it over there I was able to get my room right away. Before all that I headed to the Citadel, a cool little outlet mall that I’ve been going to for the last 12 years or so. Subway was the spot: Veggie Patty on whole wheat with all the trimmings (except dead animals), some mustard, oil and vinegar, and a splash or Oregano. I think I broke my personal best time, eating it in what felt like 49 seconds. I was starving. After that I realized that I didn’t (well Patty didn’t) pack for LA
as I was originally planning on heading home if there was time. I normally pack my own bag, but overslept and Patty showed up to be a lifesaver by packing for me. Thanks Patty, have I told you lately that you are the best? The mall has changed so much now, it’s more modern and they have cooler stores. I ended up going on a mini shopping spree falling in love with some stuff from Billabong mostly. Also hit Guess and a few other stores too. After that I head over to the Commerce to buy in for the tournament. There was only one problem, I had a grand total of $1872.41 in my pocket. I figured I’d run into someone down there with some cash so I could buy in early and get to bed and follow the rules. Didn’t really see anyone there at the get go that I wanted to borrow from. You see, when you start a relationship like that it has to go both ways so you should be careful who you borrow from! I used to remember the old days when a guy would almost beg me to borrow $100 from him. Rather than take that $100 I would pass and probably save myself $2000 in a later dead money loan. Finally I saw Eli Elezra and said, “Perfect, just the guy I was looking for. Give me $10,000.” No hi, how are you, just give me some freakin’ money, lol. He borrowed it from some other guy and bam, I had a buy in for the tournament. Who needs satellites when you have good credit? I went up to the tournament room and bought right into the tournament. I have to say, the Commerce rocks, seriously. Hands down, best poker facility in the entire world and there is no second place finisher in that race. And no, they don’t pay me to say that, it’s just the absolute truth. Place is built like a poker stadium/museum. Logical, practical, just perfect. I was able to get a room early as I mentioned and avoided doing any socializing as it’s part of my rules. Only socializing I did was talk to David Williams for a bit in the lobby, but it wasn’t draining at all since we didn’t talk about poker at all. In fact, I think the “word” poker only came up once and it had nothing to do with me or him at all. So here I sit. Focused, full of energy, pumped up, and feeling like a monster waiting to maul some people tomorrow. Just absolutely beat some people down, backhand slap, chop to the neck, take out the knees, then one knee to the head for the knockout punch…. EAT SOME OF THAT is what I’ll say when I’m done (ok maybe I won’t say it, but I’ll be thinking it). Right now Training Day is on TV and I’m casually watching that. After I’m done this blog I’ll pop in the Talented Mr. Ripley, still haven’t seen it. Man, how good is Denzel in Training Day? Just sick cool. Speaking of cool, I just got word today that I’ll be adding yet another trip to my March schedule and I don’t care how far it is. I’m scheduled to be in Australia from Mar 3-8 to be a part of something that is beyond cool. I’m not sure I have the ok to talk about it, so rather than ruin the opportunity for myself, I’ll wait until I get the word that it’s cool to talk about before mentioning it. On that note, Ethan Hawke is just about to go into the gansta house right now, one of my favorite scenes. Stay out of my way tomorrow, or I’m going to hurt you real bad. 10 inch pythons comin’ at ya! LOL, I’m so not tough, but it sure is fun pretending.