My Worst PAD Performance Ever

I was in a bad mood when I got there and that certainly didn’t help. The night before I stayed out a bit too late and had a few too many drinks which led to a bit of a hang over which isn’t ideal for playing your A game. I am literally laughing right now, out loud, about how pathetic I played in that thing. It was so ridiculous I’m not sure I can even put it into words. Just so ridiculous, but not in the way you’d think. I just kept… um… er, folding! LOL, when you guys see this on TV you are going to just have a field day with all the bad plays you’ll see me make. Just awful. It’s the worst performance I’ve ever had on a show where I think I’ve actually played some of my best poker ever. My head is a bit of a mess and I didn’t feel like playing today. The hangover didn’t help, and neither did being on the phone till dawn. Tomorrow I’m playing in a super tough cash game with a $100k buy in format and how I play will depend heavily on how I feel and where my head is at. If I don’t feel like I can keep up mentally with my opponents, I may decide to quit early. If I feel strong then I’ll go ahead and play hard the whole way through. Today I just felt “poker’d out” and that’s somewhat understandable considering how well I’ve been playing since Europe. After these next two days of PAD I look forward to a couple relaxed days where I can just have some time to myself and not feel pressured. I love pressure, when it comes to bringing my A game at the poker table, or when it comes to doing something performance related, but this is just a different kind of pressure and it’s wearing on me a little bit. I have some very important decisions to make this week and it’s a little bit scary. I’m sure I’ll figure things out and everything will work out fine, but this is definitely a dangerous time for me to be playing high stakes poker. It’s hard to focus when your mind is distracted. Luckily I’ve been around long enough to know that so I won’t be doing anything stupid! ]]>