My Supporting Cast

I’m a very lucky guy, not only at poker, but I feel so lucky to have such great people around me all the time: Patty: Seriously, without Patty I’d be an absolute mess. She does everything for me. Not just stuff that’s in her job description, but outside of “work stuff” she is also a great listener and friend to me. Aside from answering my e-mails, setting up my appointments, tidying the house, fixing all kinds of random things, putting gas in my car, feeding Mushu, helping my mother out, booking my flights, booking my hotels, doing my laundry, cooking, making my juice in the morning, etc., she’s also there every morning to listen to me vent about things going on in my personal life! She’s totally up to date on everything that goes on in my life with very few exceptions and she is a fantastic listener who also gives very good advice.
She gets a nice, healthy paycheck every week, but she earns every penny… except when she leaves the wash machine on over the weekend. I freaking hate that!!! Ok, yeah, I’m that spoiled 🙂 Mommy: My mother is 69 years young, but she is looking great for her age. She is healthy for the most part, but sometimes her health overwhelms her and she can’t seem to get out of bed. Yet still, and it’s not me asking by the way, she finds a way to create incredible meals for me. I mean incredible. She is a top notch cook. I still remember the day she cried when I told her I didn’t eat meat anymore. She worried about what to cook for me, but instead of sulking about it, she got a few books and recipes and is the best vegan chef I know! She also takes care of Mushu during the day when I’m out golfing, which has been everyday lately. Christian: Christian is my golf coach/caddie that works for me full time. I rarely ever hit a golf ball, even while practicing, without Christian being right there to make sure my posture, grip, and shoulders are all where they are supposed to be. I literally never golf without him there and couldn’t imagine gambling at golf without Christian. It would be like suicide.
We’ve been working together less than a year, and aside from be being happy with my progress, him and I have become really good friends along the way. He has to deal with what E-DOG likes to call “the most paranoid golfer in the world.” Seriously, if I don’t hit a shot exactly perfect I’m a bit of a nutcase and might ask him any of the following questions:
“Was I too quick?”
“Did I pull that one?”
“Did you have me aimed that far right?”
“How does my grip look?”
“Am I too bent over the ball?”
“Did I lift my head on that one?”
“Why did I hit behind that one, was it my lower body?
“Why, why, why, why!!!!” I don’t know how he puts up with me sometimes, lol.
Diane: She is new to my group, but so far so good. She is my personal trainer and we have put in two workout sessions together and are working again tomorrow morning. She seems to know what she is doing and isn’t killing me too badly so far. I can’t really walk in the morning because of the hamstring stretches she has me doing, but I’m sure it’s all worth it. I’m really looking forward to seeing some progress and plan on doing some before and after pics. All I really need now is a good hairdresser… hmmm, Christian’s fiance is looking for a job, and I know she cuts hair… Amy, you are hired! 🙂 Jennifer Harman: Jennifer and I have been friends for what seems like 48 years. Seriously, she was the most influential person in my development as a poker player when I first started coming out to Vegas. I had tons of leaks, and most of them dealt with self destructive tendencies and a lack of fear. I didn’t care if I was broke back then, not at all. Being broke just made me play better. She taught me that it’s still possible to play well and actually have money too! Thanks Jenn!
Aside from that, I can’t think of anyone who really knows me better than she does. I can talk to her about anything, and she never judges me even when I’m totally in the wrong (which is rare 🙂 My golf buddies: These dudes haven’t changed in 15 years and spending all of my time with them ensures that I don’t feel any different about “who I am.” They needle me like crazy, and there is just nothing sweeter than beating Zvi and Ted for money on the golf course. If you ask Ted, though, he’ll tell you this, “I can’t believe people think you are a nice, classy guy on TV. If they say you throwing clubs at my head and whining like a little brat they wouldn’t believe it.” Hey, what can I say, golf brings out the best… and worst in me sometimes, but I absolutely love it. I have so many other people I could have mentioned that are there for me. Like, my brother for example. I know for a fact, an absolute fact, that he would take a bullet for me. If I ever needed a bodyguard I would trust him with my life. Not only is he a big guy, but if you piss him off… well, let’s just say you don’t wanna do that- trust me! He is my big brother and is the one person in the world that looks to protect me in every scenario. When he is around, I always feel safe no matter what the situation is.
He’s also changed so much over the years- for the better. He used to have a bit of a short fuse in certain situations, but now he is much more of a quiet giant. Don’t wake him, and he is a teddy bear. Cross him, and he will beat the crap out of you- no questions asked. That’s a short list of the important people in my life at the moment. There are others, of course, but I wanted to write a blog not a book. Almost everyone that has ever meant anything to me in my life is someone that I still care for and I believe they care for me. In fact, of all the ex-girlfriends I ever had there is only one that I don’t keep in touch with, and that was her choice. She was the inspiration for a column I wrote called “The Woman that Broke Me” and I lived with her for about a year and a half back in 2000. Not a good year for me at the poker tables! Man, she was a beautiful, passionate, Korean girl and had some great qualities, but she was a bit too “spicy” for me! She had a hot temper and a mean jealous streak. I couldn’t possibly be with someone like that, especially with the way my life is today. Truth is, I like being single, because with a great group of people like this around me… I never feel like I’m alone.