My Schedule Until WSOP 2010

Dec 13th Online Tourney for PCA Qualifiers
Dec 14th-19th WPT Bellagio
Dec 22nd Team Pro Tuesday on PokerStars
Dec 29th Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars I have had great history in this Bellagio event, winning it, then coming 3rd the next year, and two years later being chip leader with two tables to go before losing with KK to AA and finishing 14th.
Jan 3rd Fly to Bahamas
Jan 5th PCA Main Event Day 1A
Jan 7th $5000 8-Game (tentative)
Jan 8th $5000 NLH Heads Up (tentative)
Jan 9th $5000 PLO (tentative)
Jan 11th $25,000 NLH High Roller (tentative)
Jan 15th Fly Home
Jan 19th Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars
Jan 26th Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars The plan is to go deep in the PCA main event, but if not, I’m going to play some more of the side events, something I haven’t done in years.
Feb 2nd Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars
Feb 9th Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars
Feb 14th Fly to Copenhagen
Feb 16th-21st EPT Copenhagen
Feb 22nd Fly to LA
Feb 23rd $10,000 NLH HU LAPC
Feb 26th-Mar 4th $10.000 WPT LAPC Main Event A busy month with a trip to Copenhagen then straight to LA for a long road trip away from Vegas. I hate that, but there isn’t really a way around it. March:
Mar 5th Fly Home
Mar 7th Fly to San Jose
Mar 8th-12 $10,000 WPT Bay 101
Mar 16h Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars
Mar 19th Fly to Austria
Mar 21-26th EPT SnowFest
Mar 27th Fly Home
Mar 30th Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars Totally looking forward to EPT Snowfest! Haven’t skied in years, but I think it might be one of the funnest events of the year. If you like to ski, you should totally come to this event. Even if you don’t, it should be a fun time and a good tournament.
Apr 5th Fly to ****
Apr 6th-11th ****
Apr 12th Fky Home
Apr 13th Team Pro Tuesdays on PokerStars
Apr 18th-24th $25,000 WPT Championship
Apr 24th Fly to Monte Carlo
Apr 25th-30th EPT Grand Final I have something in the works for early April I can’t talk about yet, but after that, we are looking at the intense double championship of the WPT and the EPT. May:
May 1st Fly Home
May 2nd-WSOP Try to break 80 from the back tees at
TPC Summerlin for a large sum of money. Don’t bother
me in May, I’ll be working out, golfing, and gearing
up for a grueling run at the WSOP once again.
I bet a lot of money that I could shoot 80 or better from the back tees at TPC Summerlin by next years WSOP. I only have to do it once, and they don’t even have to be there. Only stipulation is that I have to putt out. When I was playing everyday in August I came oh so close shooting 83 twice and 84 once. I know I can do it, time is the only factor so I’m dedicated the entire month of May to golf. Don’t bother me!!!]]>