My Racist Dog and Some Humble Pie

Ok, it’s official, my dog is a full blown racist. I’m not kidding. I never raised him to be a racist, I always tried to teach Mushu that people are people and you should respect all people. That’s how I grew up, and those are the values I tried to instill in my dog. My dog doesn’t like black people. Ok, I said it, and I know it might not be politically correct or what not, but my little buddy is a full blown, racist dog. When I arrived at the Las Vegas airport recently Mushu and I were waiting for our bags, while a couple of WHITE girls wanted to pet him. That went off without a hitch, his tail was wagging, he was licking their hands- all smiles. Then a young black girl tried to pet Mushu. He looked like Cujo, the rabies diseased dog from the movies! His eyes bulged out of his head and it was clear that he didn’t take kindly to the young black girl. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time my son has shown a propensity for racism. As a worried father, dealing with a son that speaks no English, I’m at a loss. My dog is an ignorant, General Lee lovin’ red neck! It’s sad I tell you, really sad. Personally, I don’t hate very many people in this world, but I find it hard to control my anger towards red necks. I should clarify what a “red neck” is, as it doesn’t relate to