Murphy’s Law: Part Deux

Thanks Ladies! The trip seemed to get off without a hitch as I made it to Grand Rapids right on time for Thanksgiving. When I got there, Lori picked me up and we headed back to the apartment to take a nap before Thanksgiving dinner. Again, everything went very well, dinner was great and all of the family was there- on Lori’s side that is. I spoke to Lori’s mother a little bit and she informed me that my blogs are getting a little “wild” lately. So on that note, I’d like to retract a previous statement: I went to buy a television and I told them I was looking for the “best model they have” :-) LOL. (inside joke people) So anyway, after dinner I was exhausted and was in bed by 11:00pm. I had a very serious deadline for my newspaper column for the next day, but figured that if I could wake up early I’d have a chance to write my columns and still make my 12:00pm flight to Toronto. I woke up at about 5:00am and wrote three really good ones: one about 7 Card Stud, another one called “Playing the Player”, and a last one about the “Check Raise.” These columns are geared towards mainstream society so a lot of the information may seem very obvious to most of you. However, I always try to throw a few nuggets into each column that might make you go, “Hmm…” At 8:30am I went back to bed for a little bit and planned on sleeping till about 10:00am. The columns were due early, and while I wrote them, I wasn’t able to send them yet. I tried setting up my Sprint wireless card on the new lap top, but for some reason I couldn’t get it to work. Lori doesn’t have a phone line set up in the apartment, so I didn’t have an internet connection. Lori’s computer was hooked up to a high speed modem but her router wasn’t working either. So, I unplugged her computer and tried plugging it into my lap top. Arrrrrgh, that didn’t work either! I was so frustrated and was running out of ideas. I thought about putting the info on a disc and transferring it to her computer, but we didn’t have any discs! Arrrrgh. It was getting late and I had to catch my flight. I had to take Mushu for a walk, but he didn’t want to go pee because it was below “insanely cold” outside and he is Mexican dude, he doesn’t like the white stuff. Running around frantically, now I couldn’t find my watch! Then I lost his chew toy, realized I left some important pictures in Vegas, and couldn’t find my hat! Are you serious, what in the world is going on!!! I found the watch, the chew toy, and the hat, but wasn’t able to send the columns out. Lori informed me that there was a business center at the airport and that I might be able to go there quickly and send them. I got to the airport on time and they informed me that my flight would be delayed about 30 minutes due to bad weather. Ok, that’s seemed like a good thing because now I could go to the business center and send the columns. I get there, and there are no ether net cables available. It said that they had high speed available, but there was no way of me getting an ether net cable. Arrrrrrgh! They had phone lines available, so I figured I’d just hook up to a phone line and send it dial up… GOOD BYE!!!! GOOD BYE!!!! GOOD BYE!!!! Are you serious? I couldn’t get a connection and it was time to get on the plane. Or so I thought. That Northwest flight had been cancelled and they moved us to a Continental flight that would leave at 1:00pm, connect in Cleveland, and get me into Toronto at 4:30pm. So much for sending those columns, now I figured it was all over for me! We make it to Cleveland a little late and then I realize that my next flight left in 10 minutes. No sweat, except that it’s on the other end of the airport! I got Mushu on my back with his carrying case and I also have my computer bag with DVD’s and magazines in there that make it heavy. I’m running like the wind with Mushu bouncing up and down on my back. I’m just dying, but I end up getting to the gate… just as they are closing it! You have GOT to be kidding me! I use a little charm and end up getting them to allow me on the plane. There was more craziness that happened throughout the process, but I don’t even want to remember it anymore. I’m back home now, in Toronto, and the plan is to go see the Leafs play host to the Canadiens tonight. I’ll be going with my Toronto buddies, Grant, Pat P. and Sportcheck Bob, owner of The Big M’s. Oh, and yes it’s true, I played Spademan, a regular over at the forums and he beat me. If I lost I promised I’d write the following, “Yes Spademan, you are the greatest. I bow at the feet of your greatness oh Spadeyone.” Time to hit the showers and head to the game! Woohoo!

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