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David Grey
Abe Mosseri
Ming Ly
Ted Forrest
Lee Salem
Eli Elezra Not a horrible game at all if I was playing good. Within about 30 minutes Ted was replaced by Gus Hansen, and Lee Salem was replaced by Chau Giang. Again it was stud hi-lo that was killing me. I was rammin’ and jammin’ on third street with some low three card straight hands, and getting help on either fourth or fifth street. Typically starting with 2-3-4 against a Jack and a seven. On fourth street catching a five and from that point putting in every bet I could. Queen on fifth street, nine on sixth, and a queen on the river. With that much money in the pot I decided to call Abe’s bet with the queens hoping he was low and Eli just had two jacks. It didn’t seem like a very good call but the pot was huge. Eli raised it and Abe re-raised it. Oh well, looks like that was a wasted bet. That is until I see the hole cards: Eli made a play at the pot sensing I made queens- all he had was a pair of 10’s! That was a great play by Eli, picking up on my hesitation Abe’s re-raise was pretty silly trying to knock me out, when by calling he may have won an extra half bet. He had an eight-six for low and if I had that beat I was never going to fold since the best he could have based on his board was an eight. I probably would have folded for one bet anyway, but Abe’s raise made it easier to fold. To make a long story short if I was fresh and alert I may have recognized what was going on and figured it out. I was just playing my hand and that’s not a good enough strategy to win in that game. When we started the limit was $1000-$2000 but three hours in we finally got it kicked up to $1500-$3000. At that point I was stuck $37,000 and looking forward to actually paying attention and putting in a good effort. I did for a little while, but I was too fatigued to play my best. After an eight hour session I lost $120,000 and called it a night. Eight hours is a long session for me these days, normally I play six hours and I’m done unless I’m winning. Days like those can do one of two things: A) hurt your confidence or B) make you realize that you need to focus more intently. I’m not short on confidence so for me it’s a good kick in the rear end and the timing couldn’t be any better. On the horizon I have the inaugural PPT event November 9th and then the WPT event in Foxwoods only days later. I’m hoping that despite the poor result it was a wake up call and I’ll be ready to kick some butt over on the east coast… I like my chances. 3 hours
5 hours 1500-3000
-83,000 Journal entry total: 15 hours -$143,300.]]>