More Onlline Poker, and Poker’s Newest Villain

A recap on the session first. I swear I had at least 12 big pairs today in the match and never saw one flop. He usually just folded the button when I had AA. It was incredible! Here are a few of the highlights: 1) He raised the button to 150, I made it 450 with AK he re-raises another 650 I think, and I called. Flop was 9-8-4 with two spades and I check-called 1350. Turn a 2s and it went check-check. The river was a 6 and again check-check. He showed Ks 6c… doh! 2) He raised to 150 I called from the BB with Ac 3c. Flop was Kc 10d 9c and I check called 150. The turn was the 5c and I checked, he bet 400, I made it 1200. River was an As I bet 2450 and he called. He also had a flush 7c 8c. Cooler. 3) I raised the button to 100 and he made it 400, I just called with QQ. Flop was Q-6-3 he bet I called. Turn a 6 he bet I called. River a 7 he bet 2500 and I went all in, and he folded. He said he had Q-10. 4) I raised the button with K-10 he re-raised to 400 I called. Flop 10c-5d-2c be bet I called. Turn a Qd he bet 1200 and I raised to 2800, he called. River was a Jack, check-check. He showed JJ. I was up $10,000 in the match at one point and obviously ran better in this session than the last one. Oddly, I definitely played better in the previous session and was a bit tired late in this, our longest session. We played 430 hands and I won $3174. To date, my results are: Session 1: 350 hands +$6175
Session 2: 300 hands -$15484
Session 3: 353 hands -$2839
Session 4: 430 hands +$3174
Total 1433 hands -$8,974 Not sure how much he is up, but I would guess close to $8000 considering the rake. You can keep up with the results here and I usually post to my twitter account also when we play on PokerStars at RealKidPoker
***************************************************************** Now to my day in Monte Carlo. My trip is just destroyed by a bad sleep schedule and it’s too late to fix it. Waking up between 2:00am and 4:00am and in bed by 9:00pm. I played in the high roller anyway and ran into the kid they call Full Flush. He is poker’s new villain, no question about that. Cocky, brash, and with a legit Ali G accent to boot. When asked in an interview to do word association with the following names: Durr… “Gay”
Ivey… “Cool”
To all the rest… “Gay. Durr and all his boys are gay. They are all geeks innit.” Ah how fun, gansta wars with the online kids! I have no idea if the kid is any good, but he claims to have beaten everybody heads up and has won a lot of money. So he was at the table today with me, Ivey, and Gus and was talking it up. He let everyone know he’s the best in the world… Ivey kind of perked up at the conversation. A discussion started with Ivey saying he’d play him 50,000 hands, but since this guy was the best, he’d need some kind of spot to make it fair. Then Ivey asked him, “Do you ever play live poker?” The kid says, “No I don’t play too much live poker, but I’m probably the best at that too, yeah.” LOL Classic! This guy is hilarious, I’ll give him that. He has tons of confidence and apparently he does play high limit no limit hold’em heads up against some tough players. In his interview he also said, “I’m the next Ivey.” Wowaweewa! Again, I have no idea if this guy is really good or not, but I was talking to Ivey about it a little bit and it seems like every couple years the “new best player in the world” comes onto the scene… they don’t always stick around though. Some do, but most end up changing screen names and playing smaller again. The ones that take on Ivey… well, they don’t normally fare too well. Like ever. I really think this kid is just great for poker, I really do. He pulls no punches, says things people often think of saying but wouldn’t dare. He stirs things up, creates some drama, and is funny for several reasons from the accent to his brashness. Someone like him would make for excellent poker on television, I really believe that. It certainly wouldn’t be boring! ]]>