Married Life is Good!

August 24th do a show for Fox Sports Net
August 25th filming National television commercial
August 26th celebrate Lori’s Birthday (it’s on the 27th)
August 27th-30th play the WPT event at the Legends
August 31st drive back to Las Vegas September 1st-7th Honeymoon in Maui
September 8th-12 Work on DVD project
September 9th STACKED review party
September 13th-16th WSOP Circuit Event
September 17th STACKED commercial
September 18th fly to Atlantic City
September 19th to 22nd WPT Borgata (with Logos!)
September 23rd Fly to Grand Rapids
September 24th Luke and Lin’s Birthday Party
September 25th Fly to Toronto
September 26th-27th Special Event in Toronto
September 28th-29th Television Interviews
September 29th Fly back to Grand Rapids
September 30th Another reception for Lori and me October 1st Fly to Toronto
October 1st Do AHL Draft
October 4th Fly back to Las Vegas As we speak I’m all packed up and ready to hit the road for LA. I am ready to get back to work, though, as I did have a ‘little’ break over the last little while. I’m really looking forward to the honeymoon as it’s going to be the first vacation I’ve ever taken since I started playing poker 14 years ago. I’ve been to cool places, but it’s always been poker related. Hawaii will be all about spending time with Lori, golfing, snorkeling, getting massages, and enjoying some of the wonders of this Earth. BOOM! Then it will be back to work non-stop for a while. Now it often sounds like I complain in this blog that I’m too busy, but the truth is… I think I enjoy being busy, I truly do. If I didn’t enjoy what I was doing then I guess I just wouldn’t bother? I mean I don’t really “have to” do any of this stuff, but I do have to do it because it’s part of who and what I am. I drive in the fast lane and I enjoy living in the fast line… with a rest stop here and there along the way. Almost midnight people, time for me to hit the road…]]>