Marathon Online Poker Session at PokerStars

I got a new laptop that’s really lightweight so I can bring it with me to the bathroom and the kitchen while I make food. My dog Mushu has been sitting here with me all day and he must be bored out of his mind! I’m actually paying zero attention and haven’t all day, but I’m still a monster favorite in this game, it’s just super juicy every time. I just had a guy in Razz raise me on fourth street with K-A and my board was 5-9! Normally I crush this game but today have been running bad and losing all day, but I can honestly say that I don’t care one bit. Right now I’m stuck about $15,000 but that could change by the end of this blog. I’ve actually been super productive today, though, despite not leaving my couch at all. I’ve done the following: -caught up on my e-mails
-did three interviews
-had a call with my guy about some charity events as well as several other projects
-took a call about investing in a new Vegas restaurant that is unique and I think will be a really big hit
-chatted online and also texted my friends
-agreed to do some extra work tomorrow for The Real Deal and PokerVT
-checked out VT to make sure the content was being added properly
-watched two hockey games
-caught up on WSOP episodes I missed I’m now at the tail end of this session, and then I’ll likely do the following: -watch Heroes
-Stretch and run on the treadmill
-Hit Some golf balls (hopefully) Tomorrow I’m going to be at a studio by 2L00pm and then after that I’ll head over to the VY studio to add some more content to the site for a couple hours. Also, I did the Real Deal the other night and it’s more fun every time I do it. Our host, Vinnie Favarito is gone on Saturday so I’ll be hosting the show in his place and am looking forward to it. I think Scotty Nguyen and Jennifer Harman will be the pros on stage. If you are in town, come by the Venetian and check it out. After all, you could win a million dollars. lAll you have to do is make a Royal Flush- piece of cake! I haven’t golfed in forever, but unless I put in the work hitting balls I can’t even go out on the course. Too awful. I’m going to try and het back into it soon enough. Anyway, it’s my big blind in hold’em right now and I got K-J… let’s call the raise. Nice flop, K-10-5. Check-raise him… he called. Turn Ace, yuk, hate that card. I ‘ll check… he checks. River a 9, time for a value bet… what???? he raised? What in the world is that all about? Oh well, take it punk. Stuck $16,000 now 🙂