Man Around Town

“Really, what was the problem with it?” I asked.
“Do you really wanna know?”
“Yeah, so that way if it ever happens again maybe I can fix it.”
“Are you sure?”
“Ok. You see this switch here that says Wireless on/off. I switched it to on.”
“LOL, LOL. I’m a complete idiot I love it.”
“I’m sorry, I felt really bad and didn’t want to tell you. I did clean up your hard drive and installed some spyware for you though.” I wasn’t upset with him at all. I was just amazed at my own stupidity. I told him this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me. A while back the lights in my backyard and my pool lights weren’t working and I couldn’t figure out why. So I called an electrician over to fix it (my father was an electrician). The electrician goes into my bathroom, presses a button and voila, “That’ll be $45 please” LOL, as you can probably guess I’m not very handy around the house. My idea of fixing things around the house is dialing 1-800- HANDYMAN. *************************************************************** Once my computer guy left I was on the phone making arrangements, talking business, and cleaning up a little. I was having tiles put in the bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, etc. for the last little while and now that they were done it was time to get the carpets cleaned. Actually that’s not the real reason the carpets needed to be cleaned, Mushu has a habit of doing his business in random rooms in the house when it’s raining outside, but that’s another story. I then head out to get my hair cut and then pick up a package at UPS. What was in the package? None of your business! I’ll tell you in about three months if it works wink *************************************************************** I spent the rest of the night hammering out some e-mails and looking at resumes! I made a mention in my last journal entry about my PA not being available and a day later I received a ton of e-mails inquiring about the position. So much so that I think I’m actually going to conduct interviews in mid-February when I get back from LA. First Kraft Foods and now conducting interviews. If I’m not careful here I’m going to become a grown up soon! Nah. *************************************************************** Today I had a film crew from Toronto here doing a “day in the life of” story with me. If they want a realistic look at a typical day in my life that’s pretty easy: “Hello, who’s this? Ok lemme call you back. Hello. Hey, how are you doing… blah blah blah” I spend most afternoons either on the phone or the computer these days. The whole bit at my house consisted of me receiving a UPS package containing my new massage chair… and me opening it! Wooooow. Then at 3:00pm I did an interview for a new Korean magazine here in Las Vegas. They offered to give me a copy of the magazine when it’s out but I’m like… “It’s in Korean? I know Kimchi, I know Pe goo pa, and I definitely know ma shee le and mo goo le, but dude I can’t read Korean!” While I was in the shower they were interviewing my mother. Man, put a camera in my mother’s face and the over/under on when she starts to cry is 43 seconds! “I’m so proud of him. Boo hoo hoo.” She is a very passionate and emotional woman obviously. Watching Animal Planet is like torture. She sees a skinny puppy or a kitten with no mother and it’s time to open up the flood gates! Ok, I know I’m crackin’ on my own mother here but I’m allowed… she’s MY mother and off limits to you all when it comes to crackin’ jokes. Kind of like how it’s not cool for a white guy to use the N word- you get my drift. When I got out of the shower it was time for the “goodbye” scene with my mother. Funny thing about reality tv, “Ok that was great, but can we shoot that one more time for safety guys.”
“Huh? The first goodbye wasn’t real enough? Ok, I’ll nail it this time, focus Daniel focus. You can do this.” Having become pretty familiar with cameras being around it’s given me a lot more insight into so called, “reality tv.” This crew was from Ontario Sports Net mind you and didn’t claim to be filming reality tv, but still I thought that was funny. I mean, my mother is waiting at the door going, “Daniel, ok come to the door they said we have to say goodbye in 30 seconds. Are you ready?” Gotta love Mommy, she’s becoming quite the actress. *************************************************************** The crew followed me down to the Palms for the last part of the shoot. An interview with their host, where I teach him a little about poker and basically do your typical interview. Only this time in a live poker room with cash games all around me. That went well and on the way home I called Jenn, Marco, and E-DOG so we all met over at the Cheesecake factory. I was only two minutes from there when I called everybody so I knew I might be sitting alone for a while. I made sure to tell the waitress, “It’s a table for four and the others are coming I promise.” About five more minutes went bye and again I said, ‘Sorry for tying up your table, but I promise we’ll take good care of you.” She came by again 10 minutes later and it was Jenn on the phone. I was pointing to the phone like, “That’s them, I really do have friends I promise. I’m really not crazy, they will be here.” The waitress was very sweet about it and didn’t seem bothered at all. I felt like a complete dork but whatever. They finally showed up and I told the waitress again,