Lots of Fun WSOP Stuff!

First my bust out hand: I was very unlucky all day and was down to 38k for the following hand. Blinds 500-1000 with a 100 ante the cut off makes it 2500. On the button I have AQ. I’m not folding the hand if I re-raise, so I decide to do something slightly tricky to possibly get Doug “ToolBox” Lee to make a big boo boo.
The guy put in two yellows (1000 each) and a baby blue (500) chip for 2500. After deliberating, I throw in two yellows, and a green 25,000 chip. Doug starts commentating and looks suspicious, so I spread my two yellow chips in front of me to take a closer look at the other chip. I say nothing.
He goes, “I think you made a mistake. You didn’t mean to do that.” Again, I say nothing, finally he goes all in, the first guy folds, and I’m essentially ALREADY all in having to call 10,000 more.
Doug turns over… get this… 33!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA that is so funny to me! Even if I DID make a mistake, I could easily have 66, or a hand like J-10 which puts him in a coin flip at best. Flop is Q-5-4… 3…. A and I’m out just like that. OK, now to the fun stuff. My Prop bets: -my standard $200k bracelet bet with Ivey
-a bet on Erick Lindgren and myself against Barry Greenstien and Jeffrey Lissandro for total player of the year points. That offer, of me and E-DOG against any two people you want is officially available and it’s not to late to see either of us about getting a bet down. You can pick any tandem that doesn’t include Phil Ivey in the mix.
-Separate bets in the ESPN Fantasy Draft. My team against Howard Lederer’s team, and my team versus Mark Seif’s team. The point structure for the ESPN draft rewards $10,000 events heavily, so all around players are very valuable and that was my thinking going into the draft. Howard’s team is the only other “good” team of the 11 based on the scoring system. Here are the three teams: Daniel’s Team:
Phil Ivey
Jeff Lissandro
David Chiu
Huck Seed
Danny Alaei
Jennifer Harman
Alexander Kostritsyn (if they knew who he was he’d go top 20 for sure)
Freddie Bonyadi Howard’s Team:
Barry Greenstien
John Juanda
David Singer
Eli Elezra
Chad Brown
Nick Schulman
Ralph Perry
Chris Bjorin Mark Seif’s Team:
Howard Lederer
Ted Forrest
Gus Hansen (will play 5 events tops)
David Benyamine (will play fewer than 5 events)
Patrik Antonius (hates tournaments)
Tony G.
David Oppenhiem (has never played 5 tournaments ever at the WSOP in a year)
Todd Brunson (doesn’t wake up till 8pm everyday!)
I’m free rolling against Mark for the most part and have a close battle with Howard’s team. ****************************************************************** The FCP Fantasy Pool is now CLOSED and we had a total of 3255 entrants. I have the results, in terms of percentages people were picked and a few stuck out. The biggest margins: Vanessa Rousso 89% over Clonie Gowan
Jennifer Harman 86% over Liz Lieu
Gus Hansen 84% over Doyle Brunson The closest calls: Hoyt Corkins 50% vs Todd Brunson
Allen Cunningham 51% over Phil Ivey
David “Chino” Rheem 53% over Eli Elezra Biggest Surprises (to me at least):
Daniel Negreanu 70% over Phil Hellmuth
Gus Hansen 84% over Doyle Brunson
Mike Matusow 72% over Ted Forrest For a full list of the results from ALL the matches Click Here ***************************************************************** My tummy is feeling better and I ate a decent amount today. Head is still a bit drowsy but it’s getting better day by day. I have other props in the works so I will be ADDING to my tournament schedule. Tomorrow playing the $1500 Omaha H/L event at noon. I may even play in the insane $1000 crazy field event!