Little Matt, Big Ballin’

Good news on that front. Little Matt is a competitive kid and loves sports. Since his accident and all of the surgeries he’s had it’s been impossible for him to really be on a team as a player or anything like that… until now. He’s on the basketball team! I can’t imagine how excited he must be to play. He is going to start out as the sixth man but he’ll definitely play thanks to the assistant coach… his pops, Big Matt. I was really happy to get the e-mail because I know how happy Matt’s got to be about being able to play ball. I’ll let you guys know when he records his first double-double 🙂 ***************************************************************** As for me I have working pretty hard playing online at PokerStars, the $200-$400 limit hold’em games have been crazy and I also have been playing a few of the $5k sit n’ gos. Last night I had the boys over for a round of golf, we played Pebble Beach till about 2:00am, then switched to backgammon, pool, and ended up playing Golden Tee until 7:30am. I chipped in for Eagle on number 18 for all the money baby, woohoo! Eat some of that TED!!!! I bet you thought you had me sucker, BOO YA! 6 skins on the line and the superstar comes through in the clutch. That’ll make you sleep really good. ***************************************************************** Tonight I’m going to the grand opening of the Palazzo at the Venetian. Jay-Z opened up a club there and there is a private party tonight also. Boston Rob was over at the house golfing last night and he’s going to the party so at least I’ll know “somebody.” I really have no clue who is going to be at the party or what I’m supposed to wear, but whatever, it’s hockey season so maybe I’ll bust out my Corey Perry jersey. Or not, lol. Nah, I’ll probably do the suit thing I guess. ***************************************************************** I’ve been writing pretty regularly and am trying to push the turbo button so that I can get the book finished and edited by February 15th. I need to make that date for a 2008 WSOP release. My writing is essentially done, but the hard part is editing through some of the work written by other contributing writers. It’ll be tight but I can do it. As for my dreams of making SuperNova at PokerStars this year? I’m ahead of schedule and found a neat little trick that’ll help me get there. For every $5k sit no go I play, I get 500 VPP’s. That’s pretty strong, one of those a day I’m Nova baby, yeah! ***************************************************************** What else, what else… well, I’m insanely happy on all fronts. My poker game is as good as it’s ever been, oh, and not that it matters, but I’ve been winning. The golf game is struggling but thats just from lack of practice. I’m being productive with my time and looking forward (seriously) to going to Tunica and then of course to Germany. Most importantly, things in my personal life are going very well. I’ve got a really positive outlook on life, I’m smiling all the time. My friends hate it. They are used to me cursing them out when they beat me at pool or backgammon, and now they get, “Great shot Sam. That was clutch, good job.” I think they take more pleasure in beating me when I throw the 9 ball at their head when they fluke it on me! I’m a pretty cool customer on the poker table, but when I play backgammon with Sam it’s a mistake to leave any blunt, or sharp objects near me. When he rolls the perfect number three rolls in a row, I can’t help but try to decapitate him. Anyway, I have to jump in the shower and get ready for the party. Peace. ]]>