Life is Good

Feels good to play well and get rewarded. I was focused and paid attention all day. When I do that, and have patience, good things happened. I haven’t been listening to music while I play for a while, but since I got my new I-POD and loaded it up with some new bands and albums, I decided to listen to music all day, and oh my word was that a great idea. I felt like I was in the zone for much of the day and played a solid, aggressive game, while at the same time sniffing out some traps and avoiding too many big hits. My table was kind of juicy. When I sat down there were no real pros to speak of and no young online phenoms to deal with. Most of my opponents were passive, and when I see a table like that, I usually up my level of aggression considerably. I tend to play more pots and bet more flops. Not Barry Greenstien aggressive on the flop, but certainly a lot more aggressively than I tend to play. I was able to pick my spots very well, simply because I was paying attention and was able to figure out which flops my opponents hit, and which ones I could represent. Poker has gotten tougher, and I’m getting better at NLH and using more weapons than normal to keep up. I have stepped up my aggression level in certain spots and made some other adjustments I’m not comfortable talking about. Poker tournaments are too tough today, so it’s just not a great idea to go into detail about exactly how I’m going to play. I ended the day in great shape, among the leaders with 124,000. Tomorrow is a “day off” but I’ll be working all day. Announcing something special at a press conference at 11am, golfing with some PokerStars winners tomm (9 holes) then have interviews scheduled with various outlets as well as the ESPN crew who are here filming the main event, the charity event, and also the high roller event. I’m exhausted. Good night all. ]]>