Keeping Busy

Spiderman 2
Halo 2
Madden 2005
NBA Live 2005 Of course now that I’m heading to Bahamas I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to play them. One thing I neglected to mention about last night… I emptied out my e-mail boxes, how liberating! Of course when I got home this evening they were both full again… I actually stopped off at the Bellagio hoping to play some poker, but the game was full with two on the list. So I called up Jeff Shulman and decided to use the free time to do my interview with him for the next Card Player cover. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then head over to my place to conduct the interview. All told I did more in the last two days than I did in the last two weeks! And guess what? It felt great to get out of the house. Oh, oh, oh I forgot to mention some of the other things I did last night. Not only did I get caught up with e-mails but I cleaned up my Tivo and actually studied some poker footage in preparation for the Bahamas event. I can’t tell you who, but after watching him on TV… wow, let’s just say he better not try to bluff me! I picked up the tell of the century on a player who is a regular on the circuit. Oh, oh oh… I also cleaned out my computer desk that had random papers piling up everywhere. When I get in one of those moods, I just go nuts with it. Six days of relaxation followed by a frenzy of “Mr. Motivation” going nuts! So what