Juanda strikes first blood

“So do you believe in God?” he says.
“Yes I do.”
“Ok, then here is a question for you: do you believe God can do anything.”
“Then do you believe he could create a mountain so big that he couldn’t move it?” That’s a question I’d actually heard before and right away I was like, “Hey, hey no fair… that’s a trick question.” Actually the answer to that question was somewhere in the audio book that I was reading at the time. I couldn’t find it though, but the gentleman let me off the hook, “It’s a tough question. You could argue both sides.” Kind of like what came first, the chicken or the egg? Charlie Shoten than came up with another brain teaser, “if you are trying to lose but you win, did you succeed or did you fail?” The whole conversation was creeping me out especially after what I’d told my mother this morning. Soon after Charlie’s brain teaser it was time for me to go bye-bye. Nothing went right for me on the day and by about 3:00pm I finally got my “wish”. Or did I? Juanda’s final table was starting as I was leaving, so I waited until late tonight to get a call from my buddy David Williams, “I busted your boy for you.” “Sweet where did he finish?”
“Ok I can handle that, could have been worse.” Later in the evening I got another call from David, “I won!” For a guy who’s made over 4 million dollars in tournament poker this year, it amazes me how modest this kid really is. Always talking about how he needs lessons…doesn’t know how to play limit hold’em…is afraid to play higher than 30-60…he can’t finish… has never won a tournament, etc. I always try to explain to him, “Dude, you aren’t going to get a lot of sympathy from people. That I promise you!” Actually I was very happy for David, he is one of the young stars in our game and it’s nice to see a classy kid do well. As you’ll read in an upcoming Card Player Trilogy on the Borgata tournament, he is also a fantastic talent. The fact that he is aware of his shortcomings at such a young age (24) is a testament to his maturity and his will to succeed. Guys like that make it in this business. As for what else is going on in the “exciting life” of a poker player? I’ve been vegging on the couch answering e-mails for the past six hours… and no, I didn’t get to all of them unfortunately. So tomorrow is pot limit hold’em (a game John actually knows how to play tongue and with John’s 8th place finish he picked up 84 points. So my 428 point lead continues to shrink down to 344 points. ***As a reminder, check out John Juanda’s blog at his site, www.johnjuanda.com***]]>